Sakai teases unannounced Phantasy Star Online project

Scrawl: "Satoshi Sakai, Art Director on many Phantasy Star Online titles, is teasing an unannounced Phantasy Star Online project in development."

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ingiomar2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I hope its Phantasy Star online 2 for 360 and ps3

I hated PSU

crzyjackbauer2991d ago

Universe sucked balls
i want PSO ep I & II on XBLA on HD
or better yet Blue Burst on XBLA
i wanna feed my MAG

Redempteur2991d ago

universe wasn't that bad
it suffered from :
-bad voice acting
-weird online decisions by sega ..

I enjoyed universe story ...i wanted MORE as it was an okay rpg just not a very good PS game ..

Stunt2991d ago

I'd like to see some sort of HD PSO, whether it be PSO2 or not.

turnerdc2991d ago

Haven't played a Phantasy Star game since PSO ver 2 on the DC but RAcast's FTW!!!

Lavalamp2991d ago

Something with splitscreen please and I'll be one happy gamer!

NovusTerminus2991d ago

PSO Episode 1 & 2 would be epic. One of my favorite games ever made!

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