DualShock 3 Sitting Pretty in Pink

The DualShock 3 comes in a variety of colors to match your style. Despite being available in colors such as red, black, blue and silver, there was always one color missing; pink.

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Kurisu3017d ago

Goes very well with the grey buttons and sticks /s

Taggart4513017d ago

I still have two DualShock 3's that are the classic black, gray, charcoal or whatever you want to call them. I'd rather have a neutral and unobtrusive controller than some flashy thing.

ShabbaRanks3017d ago

PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE.... !!!! Ahh maybe I get tha pink J4F ! :D

h0mebas33017d ago

My girl would like this....

DlocDaBudSmoka3017d ago

my wife would absolutely love this. idk what it is about pink(singer n color) that my wife adores.

press agree if ur wife/gf is same way

press disagree is not.

kingjoker343017d ago

would look A LOT better if the sticks where white, and the buttons where white and see through kinda like the white psp.
I would buy it actually, but thats just because i like having all the ps3 controller colors.
but i rather spend money on a game right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.