PAX 2010: Dragon Age II hands-on preview at -- prettier, faster, shorter

We got our first hands-on play with Dragon Age II: Rise to Power at PAX 2010, and we were also lucky enough to get some one-on-one time talking with the game's lead writer David Gaider to gain some insight into what it's like writing a Dragon Age game, and how Dragon Age II differs from its predecessor.

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ironcreed3022d ago

Shorter, huh? That is the only thing that worries me at this point, but I am sure it will still be killer.

rdgneoz33022d ago

It says slightly shorter. But seeing as you're limited on a male and female version of Hawke, I can see how it'll be a little shorter from the difference in starting stories alone.

Darkfiber3022d ago

Yay, now the reviewers will rate it higher, cause apparently the first one was "too long" to hold their dimwitted attention.

-Ikon-3022d ago

Game wasnt even long. enemies dont respawn. Even shorter sounds horrible 1 was to short.. Guess they want me to buy 10 different DLC's at $10 a pop.

4221853022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I heard shorter than origins but longer than awakening, So maybe 40 hours.

rexus123453022d ago

hmm.... the original game's ridiculous-long 70-100 hour campaign is one of the aspects I really liked, but I'm ok if they shrunk it to 40-60 hours.

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Zinc3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I'm not too keen on shorter. The combat system might be interesting and I like the fact you can choose your style, either more strategic or more action... or apparently a combination that suits your fancy. My fear is they may have 15 DLC offerings already pre-planned and about 8 of those would/should have been in the main retail game.

DarkFantasy3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

wait whaa ? shorter ? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :( one of the thing that was grate about dragon age is it was a long game D: imo

Rowland3022d ago

Decent game though it is, I'm afraid Dragon Age is a linear, commercially driven game franchise masquerading as an RPG, designed to appeal to the more casual gamers (wider audience).

Despite excellent story-telling and narrative, don't be fooled by the RPG tag. Origins was more like an interactive book than an RPG and DA 2 looks like being no different.

These games could have been absolute classics if Bioware had stuck to their principles and developed open worlds with exploration and discovery, wide township interaction, factions, proper leveling, skill tree, item mechanics and flexible micro management - then factored in their excellent story telling and dialogue approach.

Dragons Age would then have sat alongside and challenged the likes of open world greats such as Baldurs Gate, Fallout, Witcher, Elder Scrolls etc. It's the fact that it's a fake RPG that's disappointing for adult/serious gamers and fans of RPG's.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion was a true next gen RPG - choice of camera perspective, in-depth character choices, open world, better graphics, flexible micro-management, larger scale and scope.. etc, which came out early 2006 !

Nearly 5 years on and the Dragons Age franchise is nowhere near Oblivion's standard and quality in any regard whatsoever - doesn't that tell you something ?

Baka-akaB3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Actually there are a few areas where DA easily outshines Oblivion , making it a matter of personal preferences .

Games like Oblivion's trade off , is that is usually feature a rather shitty plot and set of dialogue and npc . Wich is a pity when every library shelves in the game got some rather great books , whose stories are never told or experienced within the game .

And while the engine was prettier and display far bigger landscapes , let's not forget the countless randomly generated and generic craphole caves and dungeon , nor the ugly character designs by default .
Something both games are guilty of , and fixable via mods , but far worse in Oblivion .

Otherwise i do think DAO was subpar in too many areas , and pale to stuff like the witcher and older bioware games . But both Oblivion and DAO are too different in style to truly compares .

And many argues , myself include , that Oblivion was a rather dumbified Morrowind ... so hardly that "next gen"

MiltonZep3022d ago

Oh god , the first game wasn't even that long to begin with.

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