Does Stardock Have What it Takes to Weather Blizzard’s Ongoing Storm?

"Blizzard is about to melt and Stardock is the one holding the torch."

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athmaus2992d ago

i like this article a lot...thx :)

UndeadAreGo2992d ago

I don't buy it. Wardell may put a lot of heart into his games, but so does Blizzard. If that weren't true, StarCraft II and Diablo III would have been out five years ago. And yes, Activision may have its hands dipped in multiple genres, but that doesn't mean that the individual developers behind those games don't put massive amounts of effort into their releases. And, have you played Elemental? Yeah.....

Darkfiber2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I don't know. I think Blizzard takes a lot of time to make their games because they can. Look at StarCraft 2. 90% of it was cut and paste from a 12 year old game. There is no way in hell that game realistically would have taken that long to develop. I think it's a status thing. They like to dick around and waste time, saying "well first we tried this and then we tried this and then we tried this but in the end we realized it was fine the way it was so we kept it exactly the same as in the previous game." I can't even count the number of times they've said that. They like to prove that they can do whatever they want and still make billions of dollars as they laugh all the way to the bank. Hell, look at the stupid rainbow pony in WoW. It cost $25 a pop and probably took one guy like an hour or two to make. The company made $50 million off something that cost $50 to make. Sad.

Darkfiber2992d ago

Good article, but it'll never happen. As much as I like and respect Stardock, they just don't have as big a name as Blizzard or Activision. Even if they make better games, they will never sell better, ever. Blizzard can sell games for the rest of time based on name alone.

Also, one last thing, WoW is not even close to the biggest online game ever created. It might be the most played in North America, but Americans need to get their heads out of their asses and realize they don't represent the entire world. There are Korean MMOs with 20 times the number of players that WoW has ever had.

Saryk2992d ago

I disagree. If any company makes a damn good game, gamers will shout it out and other gamers will eventually look at what is being shouted. You need to remember that Blizzard was a small group when Warcraft was released. Stardock is developer and publisher at the same time, which gives them an edge in creativity. Blizzard has the financial backing of itself and Activision, but Activision rules the roost.

rezznik2992d ago

Not really.....with Cataclysm and Diablo 3 coming out soon.....I don't see how Stardock will manage to stop Blizzard XP.

Caspel2992d ago

Blizzard is a behemoth that will only be toppled by its own self

Ozarot2992d ago

Stardock doesn't have experience with Massive Mutliplayer options yet... We will have to see how they handle it when they do. Until then, we can only assume that Stardock cannot outdo Blizzard.