Why Vanquish Might or Might Not Be The Game It Is Being Hyped To Be

Platinum Games sure finds itself in an enviable position. The newly formed company, which is comprised of some of the best talent in the gaming industry- including the masterminds behind games such as Okami, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry- seems to strike gold every time it sets out to create a new game.

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r0gueZA3024d ago

Very fair, valid and good points.

But playing the demo is just sooo much fun. It does lend plenty from Gears but I think it has enough individuality to.

mrv3213024d ago

I've played the Vanquish demo twice, and completed Gears or War 2 and let me tell you VANQUISH is NOTHING like Gears of War in anyway shape or form beyond them being viewed in third person of course, Vanquish looks cleaner, runs at a faster pace and doesn't focus on cover nearly as much.

scofios3024d ago

Vanquish plays to me like a fast non scary ci fi re4 and not gears .
Wich by the the way was a res4 and killswitch clone .
Ad the fools who think game veterans like Mikami or kojima need ideas from cllify b are stupid .

Theonik3024d ago

It's like PN 03 but better. What it should have been actually.

scofios3024d ago

You are absolutely right.

BrianB3024d ago ShowReplies(1)
jetlian3024d ago

did not make the TPS genre people!!! but gears did copy killswitch cover system

Theonik3023d ago

It invented the shoulder camera that most 3ps games use nowadays.

jetlian3023d ago

it didn't over the shoulder was done already. it was the 1st RE game to use it and thats all

gameseveryday3024d ago

It is indeed pretty much similar to gears..but with bigger enemies i guess :S

Chris3993024d ago

Gears is a heavier game all around. The characters are lumbering, the weapons are massive. That's not a dig, btw, the series is great, but it's definitely a plodding sort of action.

Vanquish was very fast. Felt like Bayonetta with 3rd person mechanics, decent AI and crazy fire-fights.

I'm quite picky when it comes to action games and I thoroughly enjoyed the demo.

Valay3024d ago

I'm not going crazy with hype over Vanquish, but I think it'll be a good game.

Prcko3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

this game gonna rock!!!
alrdy preoreded my copy!!!

DA_SHREDDER3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Its decent, but its not what everyone is making it out to be.


Yeah, I listen to alot of podcast, and I go by what everyone says on here. Its like everyone thinks its a really good game and all, personally I think it needs alot more tweaking.

MaxOpower3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

It's just that I don't see a lot of "articles" on the site about it, I really liked the demo,though I hated Bayonetta... I don't know, if it is getting hyped then it has gone right besides me.

dillydadally3024d ago

Yeah, did anyone else kind of feel like it was a little disappointing? I was excited for this game, but to me, the aiming felt wonky and I didn't like the default button layout, which there's almost nothing in options to change it. I also was disappointed with the level and enemy design - seemed like you just went forward, shoot the same enemies over and over again with no variation or thought, then fight the boss, which just barraged you with so many missiles it seemed to be a bit too random when I got hit rather than strategic dodging or hiding. I don't know, I was let down by the demo. Anyone else have a similar experience? If you guys all loved it, maybe I should give it another try.

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