OnLive Does What Consoles Can’t

"The promise of constant performance upgrades may pull it ahead of today’s consoles."

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GWAVE3021d ago

When I heard about OnLive a few months ago, I looked into it. It is 100% legit. Gamers should be paying closer attention to this, but sadly so many "gamers" are stuck in their own narrow one-console gaming world instead of exploring what other games are out there.

DufferO83021d ago

people don't have the money and people still like the physical copies of games

Letros3021d ago

Some people don't have the money and some people still like the physical copies of games.


TheLeprachaun3021d ago

I think it's more that most people's broadband isn't good enough so support this system yet (especially in Ireland), but in a few years cloud computing for video games is going to be huge.

Heartnet3021d ago

This does look interesting but only half of the games out will ever be on this becuz of console exclusives...

Also this is only avaliable in like America since they need datastations like in every country :L

DarkTower8053021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Not only that but what exclusive games does OnLive have to offer? None last time I checked. With all the exclusives and major 2nd and 3rd party game my PS3 has to offer I don't have to look elsewhere.

Right now, OnLive offers NOTHING to convince this console gamer to sign up, and I'm not sure they ever will.

nickjkl3020d ago

depending on when you join a console generation if you wait you can get a cheap console with a bunch of games

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Christopher3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

1. Don't care for subscription fees for my games. Don't even like to rent. If it's an MMO and I have the choice, I go for a lifetime membership.

2. Even hate further that I require a subscription to pay for games I've purchased.

3. The Maw isn't a game that one should be using to compare for lag. It's not intense like most core games. They still show a lot of lag as well as a degrade in graphics (especially on 1080p monitors) compared to what you can get on most console games today.

WeaseL3021d ago

4. If your connection goes down your well and truly f###ed with Onlive.

5. Nobody else can use the internet to stream anything or download stuff while your playing.

Christopher3021d ago

Your additions kind of make me chuckled. Just watched a video of a guy playing Mafia 2 using OnLive at Youtube (link below), and he ran into Network Error during his play. And the dang game looked worse than the PS3 version overall. I really hated seeing the quality change based on his connection speed. One moment the textures were passable (about low medium settings) and the next they were just bad (very low settings).

I have a 20Mb/s connection (in reality 14Mb/s, but they advertise it as 20Mb/s) and OnLive is extremely sensitive about how others use the bandwidth. I have two N Router bridges in the house to help keep connections high from all floors but my wife listening to Pandora on the second (wireless connection) floor really F'd with my demoing of OnLive on the third floor (wired directly into the bridge).

ProjectVulcan3021d ago

Doesnt do it any good that a 50 quid graphics card with a dual core beats the crap out of Onlive for image quality at these resolutions. Pretty much every desktop machine from the past five years or so has a dual core now.

SilentNegotiator3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

6. Insane pricing

Anywhere from a mere $10 less than Pc version to the same price as on consoles. And you already pay a subscription.
And once you stop paying that subscription fee; *FLUSH!* ... There goes your $60.

So much for the promised pricing advantages.

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tdrules3021d ago

Because not everyone has 20mb/s internet and would rather use their own hardware retard

JsonHenry3021d ago

Anyone know if this service let you register retail copies of games you already own? Or are you forced to buy a digital copy?

yewles13021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Imagine playing THEIR games via remote, through live security cam... that's ALL you're doing, practically.

MmaFanQc3021d ago

controller input lag, low framerate and pixelated image?

yeah...i know.

tdrules3021d ago

wireless controllers lag...

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athmaus3021d ago

very intersting read...thx

BornToKill3021d ago

i have onlive it's pretty sweet.

TheSanchezDavid3021d ago

I was skeptical about OnLive at first, and I'm still not 100% sold on the idea. I like having the physical copy of the game; I like flipping through the instruction manual; I like heading out to a store on launch day and being one of the first to pick up a new game, all wrapped in shiny plastic.

I will say, though, that for those who don't care about any of the aforementioned points, OnLive seems like a stellar choice.

nycredude3021d ago

Steam is better quality (depending on your rig), you get to keep your games, Auto updates, free, and just overall cheaper.

Fishy Fingers3021d ago

Love it or hate it, but I truly believe this (I say that loosely) is the future. Eventually everything we watch, read, play etc will all be streamed from a cloud. But, the infrastructure and traditional forms of thinking wont allow it to become the norm quite yet.

tdrules3021d ago

Steam is a better option than OnLive, for now anyway

Fishy Fingers3021d ago

They're not really that alike, onlive stream the games and services to you, Steam still requires your own hardware to power it's applications/games.

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