Nintendo to offer original downloadable games next year

Nintendo will offer up original games for download starting in 2008 according to Nikkei.

The publication reports that Nintendo will offer games prices at no more than 1,000 Yen a piece to Wii owners.

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GoLeafsGo4052d ago at the price they SHOULD be sold at.

What? Wii owners are actually gonna argue that?

Kholinar4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

So... $9 each should be the price for current mini-games... hmmm... you'd be willing to pay that? I guess you're a big wii fan...

Wii Sports 5x$9=$45(free)
Wii Play 8or9x$9=$72-81($50 with Wiimote)*
Warioware hundreds....

Maybe there should be a required logic mini-game for everyone.

If you're saying that groups of mini-games should be that cheap, then I certainly hope Sony follows suit with REALPLAY...

*granted, I only like 3 or 4 of WiiPlay's games, so 3or4x$9=$27-36 - the $40 wiimote, I still come out ahead.

Kholinar4052d ago

I like that they're finally doing this.

It does bring us back to storage space though... there's gotta be a way to hook a USB HDD up to this thing. Storing pics, games, etc off the main memory just seems inevitable. I know it makes content protection harder, but it'll allow so much more...

ItsDubC4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Agreed, storage is quickly becoming the bottleneck for the Wii. Erasing and re-downloading VC titles when the built-in storage is maxed out is cumbersome. Also, owning multiple WiiWare titles will just not be possible w/ the 512mb of internal storage. Imagine if the Metroid preview channel had a downloadable playable demo. That would be very nice, though not possible w/out storage options as well. And using SD cards is undesirable for me.

Nintendo has already licensed USB and filesystem middleware from eSOL ( ) so I'm confident that we will have external storage for the Wii. The big question is, when? WiiWare is due to be launched early next year, so hopefully a firmware upgrade allowing external Wii storage will come soon.

ShadoWulf4051d ago

Yeah, when I first woke up to the flashing blue light and a note from the Big N about a Metroid preview, I was excited because I thought it would be a playable demo. Then I remembered that the Wii's 512 mb... ><;

Still, I'm sure they'll work it out. I hope they move on from puzzle and educational games, though. I mean, seriously.