Halo: Reach Legendary and Limited Editions are Sold Out at GameStop

If you thought you could wait to pre-order the Legendary or Limited Edition of Halo: Reach, you’re wrong, even the Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Bundle is SOLD OUT at

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DeepInterludium3024d ago

Halo 3 Legendary Cat Helmet was in stock for at least a year past it's release.

MS isn't going to undership Legendary edition which gives them a much higher profit margin than the normal game.

Arnon3024d ago

Halo 3 Legendary Editions were easy to mass produce. Halo: Reach Legendary editions are actually limited, as the figures they come with are hand painted. They're not making anymore of these.

SixZeroFour3024d ago

yup...hand painted statues with certificate of authentication so these ones are much more limited than the helmet

GuruStarr783024d ago

better off getting it at amazon anyways....You get .99 cent release date delivery (yes, for all three versions), a $20 credit towards your next purchase....I finally decided to get the legendary, even though I never buy special editions of anything, but I had a $20 credit and a $23 dollar trade in, so it only cost me about 107.00, and I'll get it next tuesday.

Omega43024d ago

Even the bundle is sold out. People should know never to underestimate the system selling power of Halo. Even after so long there are loads of people who want to play Halo but don't have a 360.

Dread3024d ago

as usual your comment will probably be met with the scorn of the hateful sony SDF.. even if you are right!

iamnsuperman3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

That's because the stuff he usually says is ridiculous and just not needed if you actually read the post he usually does you will understand....People do not just disagree with him for the sake of it. Here Omega4 has said something reasonable and that's why he hasn't got any comment from so called "hateful Sony SDF" abusing him.

WildArmed3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

shh :D
It's fun playing the victim! :D

aviator1893024d ago

Sold out?! Even the bundle... Well I guess they really are in "limited" quantities this time.
Lol...well, I just pre-ordered the limited edition 360 off of Amazon--free release date delivery for prime members. I love Amazon.

Dread3024d ago


I buy all my games on Amazon. You get sweet discounts, you dont need to go to the store, and u dont pay state taxes.

etownone3024d ago

This is Halo.
Shouldn't surprise anyone.

I'd like to see Gt5 do that.

Dread3024d ago

dont bring GT5 into this. We dont need to start a stupid flame war.

BiggCMan3024d ago

yea it probably will actually, gran turismo games always sell very high. anyways, why even bring gt5 into the comments of a halo reach article? dumb troll.
on topic: i cant wait to get my halo reach xbox 360 bundle next week man, im so excited!

Strikepackage Bravo3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

When so many of you guys start calling out the billions of PS3 trolls on this site, then you can say something to etownone, until then, he's right.

I get sick of every time a 360 fan shows even an ounce of brand support he is torn to shreds, but PS3 fanboys are completely out of control around here and no one says a peep.

And GT5 will NOT sell like this, just watch and see.

GuruStarr783024d ago

GT5 is a totally different that does not see nearly as many sales as the top first person shooter games...I'm sure GT5 will sell alot though....just don't expect Halo-like numbers.

WildArmed3024d ago

'until then he's right'
Oh that line made me chuckle ^^
The logic is astounding.

Ps: yeah, halo r will probably sell more, but honestly, as long as I get my one copy, I.D.C.

etownone3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Halo is the reason many of us bought an Xbox and a 360. And it seems like forever every Sonyfan says GT is King of sales as far as exclusives between Xbox and PS. Always throwing GT sales numbers from last gen saying Halo doesn't stand a chance.

Well ... here it is. You got the two best selling exclusives on each console coming out around the same time.

It's the little things like this that make the console wars interesting to me. Like when Gta was coming to the 360 and every psfan said it would sell more on their beloved ps3, and then it not only sold better, but had better framerate and AA ...or when FF13 was coming out on the 360, and 360 fans thought it would sell better on the 360 cause of the larger install base, but it not only sold better on the ps3, it had a much higher resolution.

It's all in good fun ...
Even though I do got a bet going with one sonyfan on this site, if GT5 sells more then Reach, then I'm off this site, same as him, vice versa.

Cevapi883024d ago

you do realize that no halo game has been able to outsell GT3 back in the PS2 days, so to say that a GT game cant have halo-numbers is very contradictory, it should be the other way around, even GT4 sold 10+ million, GT3 is close to 15 million

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