The Countdown To Halo: Reach Invasion Week Begins

Halo: Reach is only a week away, and Microsoft is counting down the days with previews, themes, and other downloadable goodies, leading up to the Halo: Reach Invasion Week on Xbox Live.

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jaredhart2994d ago

Halo: Reach is going to be SILLY!!!

Zachmo1822994d ago

That just sounds stupid dude.....But really no free stuff thats gay!!

BiggCMan2993d ago

"a free Invasion Week theme, and a free Xbox Live Gold weekend running from September 17-20"

straight from article man.

RockmanII72993d ago

Hey, I checked, that theme isn't free

jaredhart2994d ago

For those of you who might not have understood:

Silly = Really good.

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trancefreak2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I am really excited to get my hands on this game. Some other fps games left me high and dry this year. I played some good pc games but my rig is ready for an overhaul.

Im going to go to walmart or target! Gamestop can suk my ass with their stupid dumbfounded statements such as this classic. "Did you pre order sir"
"Well no, no I didn't". "Sorry we cant sell it to you its for or pre order club only" Sorry blahblahblah.

Ah shucks ill just go to wallymart and get it for 5 cents cheaper. rollbacks baby :)

Jaces2994d ago

amazon is cheaper. ;)

Had my Legendary edition preordered since it was announced, I'm actually more excited to get the figurine than the game, lol!

jaredhart2993d ago

amazon is the way to go.

HyperBear2994d ago

Love that song...They should play that all week before the game comes out. lol

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