FIFA 11 vs. PES 2011: Which Game Is Worth Your Time and Money?

BR: Last year, FIFA 10 won the battle for the best footy game on all consoles (excluding the abysmal PC version, naturally), and with the release date for both games edging near, fans are drooling over the possibilities, tweaks, and adjustments both games have made to try and win the fans over.

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comp_ali3020d ago

TBH , I will try the demos and see.

Yi-Long3020d ago

... I'm pretty damn sure I'll go for FIFA again.

The last few years FIFA has been the best game of the two.

PES had really declined in quality ever since PES5, while FIFA has kept making big steps forward.

I have the most faith in FIFA11 once again being the better football game. PES2011 looks more promising than the last few years, but I'll be surprised if they have managed to come back with a game that's better than EA's.

blackmamba7073020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

well after playing 200+ matches in PES 2011 online beta and PS+ demo I can safely say that PES is back on throne, and yes I hated PES2008/2009/2010, they were rubbish, this one is the real deal

- in FIFA you can't score from distance unless you're Rooney or Lampard, in PES I know I can try shooting with anyone because it's possible to score, in FIFA you shoot to have a corner kick
- in FIFA every goal is the same, can't say that about newest PES
- to dribble in FIFA you have to use right stick and use some trick, there is no other way, in PES I can wrongfoot defender and go past him, where in FIFA one tackle button would steal the ball
- there is momentum in newest FIFAs, other team gains boost for some time just because console decided so - ridiculous "feature"
- Personality+? Pro Passing? this exists in PES series since ISS Pro '97 and doesn't need to have a name for it

so this year anybody remotely interested in good footy game has a nobrainer really as PES is superior in the most important thing which is gameplay

comp_ali3020d ago

PES 2011 demo is timed exclusive for PS+ subscribers , it will hit PSN and PC (No XBLA release though) after a week. 15/septemper.
I don't know yet about Fifa 11 demo but like every year, it will probably be released later.

goalweiser3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

All the stuff you listed is kind of dated.

I didn't see any of those problems in FIFA last year. I still play it quite frequently. Well the whole stealing the ball with one button...that can be done in both games.

Only big problem with FIFA is the player collison system.

PES suffered from lack of creativity and even the players seem a bit stiff last year. The graphics however were definitely great. But the online play was horrible!

That said, FIFA offers way too much for Pro Evolution to be considered the better game.

- BE A Pro (Online, Season Mode, Career)
- 11 vs 11 Online Play including Goalie control
- Ultimate Team
- Manager Mode

I bought both games last year. So did my best friend. We played both rather extensively and we both agreed, despite preferring the graphics of PES, that FIFA was the superior game overall.

Unless PES has something revolutionary in it, I don't see myself picking it up. I live in the states so optional files are hard to come by and I won't be importing the PAL version again...just too expensive.

dronde3020d ago

@Comp_Ali US Playstation Plus ? Cuz I have that.

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-Mezzo-3021d ago

This time FIFA looks more promising.

kataloni103020d ago

Pes Is The king :D pes worth it ........

Baka-akaB3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

After trying the demo , PES easily . They fixed most of what was wrong the past 3 years , while adding a new gameplay .

The only judgement i have left would be online , wich wasnt in the demo as per usual .

EDIT : at the risk of sounding whiny ... surely there were other avatar pics that arent taken ...

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