EA Sports MMA Demo drops on September 28th

There has been a lot of smack talk between EA Sports' MMA and UFC Undisputed. Literally. While THQ's fighting hit has been a massive success and doing well critically and commerically, EA's Peter Moore had been hyping up his very own Mixed Martial Arts title: MMA.

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albel_nox2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

This is good to hear. I definitely need a demo for this game. I like Undisputed 2010 but I hated the submission system. If EA MMA has a decent submission system a may be worth a shot.

mcroddi2935d ago

Peter Moore says it will kick but, take it for what you will...

RonyDean2934d ago

Lets hope Peter knows what he is talking about!

RonyDean2934d ago

Definitely gonna give it a try. But, from the looks of it tho, it doesn't look better than UFC Undisputed. We will see.

Speed-Racer2934d ago

Cant wait for this to drop!