Ruination of female garments 'isn't meant to be erotic' insists Square-Enix

GamesRadar: Forthcoming PSP action-RPG The 3rd Birthday features a female character whose clothes tear progressively as she fights. If you're thinking 'huh, cool' right now, then apparently that's just you being pervy and not the fault of the dev. The game's producer, Yoshinori Kitase insists that the clothing deformation (for want of a better term) is nothing to do with titillation and is actually just good old realism. Sure it is. And DOA Xtreme 2 is aimed at the Bratz market.

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Forbidden_Darkness2992d ago

Im so glad Santa Monica didn't put this in GOW3, other wise Kratos would be running around butt naked before you even got through the first wave of enemies, because he's such a badass.

FantasyStar2992d ago

I'd go gay for Kratos. =D

-Mezzo-2992d ago

lol, Bubble up'ed you. =]

jaredhart2992d ago

Japanese have a different way of looking at things.

-Mezzo-2992d ago

Very, Very Different Way.