Top 9 Worst Employees in Video Game History

This Labor Day weekend, we take a look at the characters with the worst sense of work ethic in video games. These are characters that, despite their "occupation" spend all their time trying to save people or taking lavish vacations, or even just causing the end of the world. Think about it: when have you ever seen Mario do any plumbing? Here are the worst workers in video game history (

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Rrobba2658d ago

He's got a point. Why the F*CK does Bowser hire Goombas when the only freaking thing they do is walk towards Mario?

stragomccloud2657d ago

Because they do exactly what Bowser tells them to do. It's getting harder and harder these days to find mindless minions these days. Boy I tell ya! Gotta' take what you can get.

OneSneakyMofo2657d ago

Without looking, Bobby Kotick as #1

NiteX2657d ago

Actually it wasn't Gordon Freeman's fault. It was da G-Man who caused it all.

Bathyj2657d ago

"Any Ninja in Any Game Except Tenchu"


Thats what I've been saying, finally someone gets it.

Being asian and holding a sword does not make you a ninja.

SeanRL2657d ago


Well, coulda fooled me, those asians are damn scary.

Rrobba2657d ago

Yea, they have this look on their eyes.

stragomccloud2657d ago

Never though much about Medi Goron much before. Shoddy work indeed.

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