Hands on: Ratchet and Clank Future looks bright on PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment America last week invited select media outlets to preview the latest build of Insomniac Studio's Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for the Playstation 3. The latest in the action adventure series looks to leap frog previous installments, with expansive levels, more imaginative weaponry, and top-rate high-definition visuals.

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Amplifier4018d ago

"Current frame rate held at 45-50 frames per second, though the target frame rate for the final product is 60 frames per second."

Wow! That's just simply amazing and unbelievable, I really can't wait for this game to arrive, my daughter will love this too.


Azures4017d ago

EA obviously needs a PS3 dev tutor, seeing as how making games run at 60fps on the ps3 seems like asking them to travel thru time.

crck4017d ago

But I loved it. Can't wait for this beauty to drop.

Ju4017d ago

OH, my kids loved the series. The weapon upgrade system is great and lets you play the mission over and over again (upgraded every time you play it again). The only pity is, it doesn't include a (splitscreen) multiplayer. This will give pain, I know that, already, right now.

SIX4017d ago

Sorry this is off topic, but your avitar makes your words sound sleepy.

The Real Joker4017d ago

It was the best picture I could find of him. I want a better one. I am going to go look again.

shodown194017d ago

Ratchet isnt my game, but I'm looking for something different so I might give this game a shot.