More Respect It Deserves - Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Destructoid Said:

Sometime Last week, I found a small crack in the center of my Final Fantasy XIII disc. With no evidence at all that he was responsible, I RAGED at my 11 year old younger brother, assuming that he was the one who did it since the guy doesn't know how to handle my games properly! Following this incident, I forbade him from playing the PS3 for about a week. Not to teach him a lesson but just because I was angry and didn't know what else to do or say. So today, he asks me in the most puppy dog voiced tone, if he can play Naruto. I wasn't angry anymore and my copy of FFXIII miraculously still works, so I let him play while I douched around on Destructoid

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theonlylolking2992d ago

It really does need more respect and the new one looks really good too.

2990d ago
SprSynJn2990d ago

An "editor" for this website is someone who lives with his parents still? Well, they are definitely off my list from today.