Gamespot: Playstation Move In & Out

Gamespot: Sony has been talking about the PlayStation Move heavily over the last few months, and now it's finally coming out on September 17th in North America, with launches in Europe and Japan on September 15 and October 21, respectively. The Move represents Sony's big jump into motion-based gaming on the PlayStation 3. The control system consists of three separate components.

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-Mezzo-3017d ago

Well the controller itself is quite impressive & looks better than all 3 of the Motion Controllers ( According To Me) *Have It Pre-Orderd* but so far the games review scores are disappointing.

Can't Wait To Play KZ3, inFamous 2, etc games with Move.

Trey_4_life3017d ago

Playstation move is a great invention from sony, utilizing the eyetoy as well as the motion control.

Also this new peripheral has not even dented the game line-up from sony studios, leaving both the hardcore and casual player base happy, a happy customer = a good customer.

Daddy-O_243017d ago

sony did not copied off of the wii the just have one conrtoller splitt into two and it is way more advanced than the wii. But take a closer look the ps3 move does not have a sonsore bar like the wii because it all comes frome the 6 axis so srew the wii i think you have a good thing going her sony keep it up =] .

TheBand1t3017d ago

It doesn't have a sensor bar but it uses the Eye...

similar concept, different ways of achieving

SillySundae3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

... then why NOT?

The "wheel" up to now is ROUND.
The materials and thread designs used to manufacture a wheel might have changed BUT the concept is still the same.

As long as its NOT an introduction of something that is barely feasible for the sake of saying it's a revolution.

PoorMansGT3017d ago

it doesn't even matter if they did copy Nintendo. Nintendo copied sony with 2 analogs on a controller. Everyone copies. If you did multiple innovative things yourself then it's ok.

theonlylolking3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Playstation move in and out of what exactly?

Trroy3017d ago

Article says 1 SPU does all the work. Doesn't even say if it requires the SPU the entire frame. That sounds like less of a drain on system resources than the 10-15ms on one 360 core for the Kinect, so it should be more useful for high-end gaming.

3017d ago
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