Kinect totally turned me off at PAX Prime

SG: I finally got my hands (well, my proverbial hands anyway, as I didn’t touch a controller) on Kinect Boxing, part of the Kinect Sports game. When I showed up at the Kinect booth late on Saturday, I was happy to see the small lines…seeing the choice of offerings, I chose Kinect Sports Boxing. I ended up getting paired up with a 5 foot 4 girl and thought I’d be kicking some ass.

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Gr813023d ago

Do I feel this will be a huge disaster.

-Mezzo-3023d ago

It6 almost turned everyone Off, It's embarrassing that the game most loved by the Media is Dance Central..... WTF.

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Mc Fadge3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Can you point me to the area you're referring to? The start seems to have some issues, but I didn't catch anything within the gameplay itself that suggested it? The guy just sucked at playing the game. The game doesn't actually show you the footage/data it's collecting from the camera.

fooltheman3023d ago

well dance central only looks at 'the body' behind the scenes.
it doesn't display the person...
This makes it far better to integrate the lag...

StanLee3023d ago

It actually does. There is a free style mode that captures your movement. It's funny but I was at PAX and Kinect was a hit with everyone. Seems like we have a few sour apples but that's to be expected.

GiggMan3023d ago

That was not "Hella Good" at all.

That would be like Wii Fit telling someone like me you are in "Hella Great Shape", video games shouldn't lie... LOL

Trey_4_life3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I know it's been said many times on here but i have yet to see one xbox customer acknowledge the eyetoy. Same sh!t, different name, tracks body movement, recognises voice commands, and cost less than a third of that POS laggy device you call kinect.

insomnium3023d ago

Did you people see that? He gor 4/5 stars for that? O...K... *walks away stunned*

KingME3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I got my ass handed to my be a little girl and I was so embarrassed that I need to whine to the internet and blame something besides myself. Such a P*%%y.

Okay, my blocking isn't working, perhaps I should start punching. Dude wants to be technical as if he is a real boxer.

So pathetic.

The little girl didn't seem to have any problems kicking his a$$ using the same

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Moentjers3022d ago

If you need such a list to convince us..

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No Way3022d ago

He was just shy, that's all.. you know.
That's prolly the closest he's been to a hot girl.
Especially one that's actually talking to 'him.'

And, the 4 stars.. the camera was prolly looking at her.
She gots some killer moves. :P

bjornbear3022d ago


I think he's being sarcastic/s

well, It seems kinect isn't only catering to the casual, its BIASED towards the casual =P causing casuals to have the upper hand due to benefiting the absolute lack of strategy and knowledge of previous gaming.

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Natsu X FairyTail3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

It will be a huge disaster. The 1st Months will probably be Good for kinect since most of the Media and kids will be blinded by the Hype. But as soon as people start realising there's not much you can do with kinect they will be Diskinected from the product and move on. Then you'll see kinect Tag price fall.

oh and @the sony lames DONT PRESS The AGREE button just because im talking against the xbox. Press the DISAGREE button like yall always do even when im right.


3023d ago
Blazing_Crabs3023d ago

My face when you imply that you've ever been right.

Aquarius3023d ago

"as soon as people start realising there's not much you can do with kinect they will be Diskinected from the product and move on"

LOL at the irony in that comment.

mephixto3022d ago

Somebody hacked Natsu's account?

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bustamove3023d ago

It will be a huge disaster.

StitchJones3023d ago

It will not be a disaster at first. M$ is going to sell a ton of these because every kid in the world will want one. Yet another lame M$ product seeing un-needed success.

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yewles13023d ago

What a difference a year makes...

Trroy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Dance Central doesn't even show the player's movements onscreen -- it judges your movements for correctness, and then display the onscreen dancer doing th proper move if you've done it right.

That said, its still a fun game. Harmonix is a good dev. Frankly, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc. have all done the same onscreen "virtual representation" of your actions, so this is really no different.

Dancing is one of the very few genres that could actually benefit from Kinect -- and go figure, Harmonix's dancing game is the finest game Kinect has to offer.

Christopher3023d ago

***Dance Central doesn't even show the player's movements onscreen -- it judges your movements for correctness, and then display the onscreen dancer doing th proper move if you've done it right. ***

Correction. It always shows the correct move on the screen. If you don't properly move a body part it flashes red until you are in sync with the move. So, if you hand isn't up like it's supposed to, the guy on screen will be doing the move correctly, but his hand/arm will flash red until you match his moves as he continues to dance.

mcstorm3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

You clearly never seen any videos of Dance Central as there is a free dance mode in the dame and it shows they player on the screen and shows every move they are doing and when it is showing you the dancer if you are not doing what the dancer is doing it will not score you for it and show the move in red.

fooltheman3023d ago

So it looks at the points that are represented... behind the scenes

Trroy3022d ago


No cgoodno's comment is correct, actually. There is a mode where you can see the dancing player's image, but its not the regular gameplay mode. The virtual dancers never mimic the player directly.

DlocDaBudSmoka3023d ago

i dont recall using a camera set up for either GH1/2 or rockband. i could understand if either GH or RB involved the camera for air guitar or air band but it doesnt. so yes it is different.

xavier-tooth3023d ago

xbox has saw its golden years in 2006 and 2007.

Alcohog3023d ago

Kinect should still be sitting in a R&D lab, not a month from hitting retail shelves.

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