Pachter: GTA IV Delay Shifts $50-80 Million From GameStop Q3

Ahead of the release of its Q2 results on August 23rd, Wedbush Morgan's Micheal Pachter has said he expects GameSpot to report sales of $1.18 billion for the quarter, and said the delay of GTA IV will shift $50-80 million in sales out of its third quarter and into next year.

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xbox360elitegamer3868d ago

Every one know that it's going to generate a lot of cash because it's a very popular game series, I can't wait to play.

Ugly American3868d ago

Think of all the interest they are still going to make on all of that pre-order money.

bym051d3868d ago

They haven't lost anything, just lower than forcasted revenue. Next time, they should plan better. ;)

Whoooop3868d ago

"so we do not consider the delay particularly meaningful."

Exactly what I think of your analysis and predictions...

cheetorb3868d ago

I have a hard time finding sympathy for a glorified monopoly pawn shop that hounds me for trade ins, offering me $10 so they can sell it for $30. Well I suppose someone has to pay for those big corporate salaries (who by the way could care less about games and the people that play them, we are all just $$$$$ to them. I know, I worked for them at one time)

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