Microsoft 'welcome' to join Blu-ray fraternity

Microsoft would be "welcome" to adopt Blu-ray for Xbox in future - despite its vocal refusal to accept the long-term validity of the format.

That's according to the Blu-ray Disc Association - which comprises key execs from Sony, Samsung, Disney and Warner Bros, amongst others.

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omi25p2993d ago

i do hope the next xbox has bluray or somthing better, because normal dvds are so limited

talltony2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Make a new disc or just adopt blu ray. Either way they will have to admit they were wrong about bluray and digital distribution because what ever they do their next disc has to have a high storage capacity.

kneon2993d ago

Making a new format would be stupid, it would just raise the costs greatly, far beyond the piddly royalty payments for Blu Ray. A 10x Blu ray drive can already be had for under $100 at retail. By the time the and PS4 ship I expect Blu Ray drives to be so cheap that you may not even be able to buy a DVD drive anymore.

UltraNova2993d ago

From a pure consumer perceptive (and with a 24mb connection mind you :p)I wouldn't even consider a full download/streaming console even in the next 10 years! I m sure I'm talking for the majority of internet users...(Japanese and Korean do not count for obvious reasons :p )

Imagine MS swallowing their pride after all the crap talk against Blu-ray and constant bloating about the future with full downloading/steaming services and adopting it (blu-ray)in the end..

But thats nothing compared to the fact that MS will directly pay Sony for royalties for every disk sold! It would be mindbogglingly depressing to MS shareholders!

This shows you that you should respect the competition and never go as far as MS did with the whole Blu-ray thing; what goes around, comes around I guess (ask Sony they know! see: ramble support fiasco)...

lowcarb2993d ago

MS has done a great job proving bluray was not needed for games this gen. Next gen they will use it I hope but really I don't think anybody has any idea of what they are up to. I just hope and pray they don't follow the leader approach(WII)next gen and go casual with simply a few upgrades to the hardware in a smaller box.

PoorMansGT2993d ago

@lowcard-M$ was wrong,blu ray is needed,then how come an fps is 3 disk? and castlevania?not even rps either...also pgr cant have some features because of limited space confirmed by bizzare a few years back.

darthv722993d ago

ms could have taken the failed hddvd format and turned it around to be strictly for games. DVD for games is/was good enough for the SD era but with HD not only comes hd graphics but also the demand for pure audio. That right there takes up the majority of space. Video can be encoded in different compression methods to save space and still retain the full HD appearance but audio cant.

Uncompressed pure lossless audio is where bluray is perfect. So much space for the absolute perfect clarity.

EvilBlackCat2993d ago

General Electrics next generation disc technology is the future

TEFL0N_D0N_812993d ago

It was a business battle they lost. If Sony lost the Blu-ray format, then what? Sony's had its own proprietary formats out before (Betamax, Minidisc, etc). MS will adapt and move on, just like Sony has and will as well. Nintendo seems indifferent don't they?

MP3s took over the music market over CDs. It's a matter of time before digital distribution takes over too video games too. And it'll happen sooner than you think.

For the record, I buy most of my games on physical format because I like to trade/sell games too.

There's a blinding misconception that it's a consumer driven market. It hasn't been for many years, and it won't change either. If it was a consumer driven market, Xbox live would be cheaper/free, PSN would have cross chat and backward compatibility for PS2, and MW2 wouldn't have been so sloppy. Activision wouldn't be the devil and get away with it, devs would get paid more, and Bush wouldn't have stolen the 2nd election from the people.

evrfighter2993d ago

Sony "welcome" to join digital elite :)

rockleex2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

For download.

Sony wins either way.

Seeing as how games next gen would take even MORE space, it would be even harder to make a full digital download console.

TEFL0N_D0N_812993d ago

"Sony was the first to offer full retail games..."

Offer a shred of evidence or otherwise you're spreading bullshit lies.

nickjkl2993d ago

they still have hd dvd

rockleex2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Day 1. That was 3 years ago.

You can download the full GT5 Prologue game from PS Store.

Socom Confrontation is also available on the PS Store.

Please do research next time before calling BS.

IHateYouFanboys2993d ago

@rockleex: do you want me to list every retail xbox game available to download off live? there are like 50+ full retail games available to download. every single week they add another 1-2, without fail.

Live offered games as downloads before Sony did. it doesnt matter if they were arcade games, they are still games. warhawk is no bigger than some arcade games - shank is like 1.2gb!

also, to the guy laughing about Microsoft having to pay sony royalties to use blu-ray......i guess you didnt realise that Sony have to pay Microsoft royalties on every blu-ray disc because they ALL use Microsofts own VC1 codec, did you? lol.

i actually hope that next gen they eliminate disc based media altogether. not for digital distribution, but for games on memory sticks/cards. much faster loading, much harder to damage, and much easier to store. also ensures that there will never be a problem with having a limit on how much can be read by the console, like how the PS3 literally cannot read any blu-ray discs over 50gb, even when someone releases them.

MadMan002993d ago

Well, they couldn't really be wrong unless they "failed" in sales which they obviously didn't. And I can already see it now if 360 gets the slip in dis instead of the disc try people WILL cry about it ( ps3 fab boys ) and claim they "copied them"...It's obvious the next xbox will have blu ray, no way in hell they wouldn't. Which is why they didn't add blue ray to the Xbox 360 S, there gonna save it for the next xbox.

Te only question is why will the ps3 fanboys have to dog about MS then?

rockleex2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

MS claimed that DD is the future right after HD-DVD lost.

But Sony took the steps to DD 3 years ago, long before MS did.

Sony is not scared of DD because Sony knows it has its place. But Sony also knows that physical media will still rule for years to come, especially with games requiring more and more space as each year goes by.

Sony is ready to go full DD whenever DD is ready to take over.

reckoner2993d ago

Your undying dedication to Sony both impresses and frightens me.

TEFL0N_D0N_812993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

"Sony is not scared of DD because Sony knows it has its place. But Sony also knows that physical media will still rule for years to come, especially with games requiring more and more space as each year goes by.

Sony is ready to go full DD whenever DD is ready to take over. "

Almost all companies make big investments that sometimes fail. Guess what, the Sony Betamax failed, the minidisc failed, their rootkit strategy failed and they're still standing strong. The HD-DVD failed, not because of consumer choice, but by smart business moves to secure movie publishers. That's all there is to it, get over it.

That being said, Sony is ready to go full DD whenever DD is ready to take over right? In case your blind ass didn't notice, they released this product last year called PSP Go. It didn't do well at all. PSP sales trump it, let alone DS and DSi sales not even into the equation. DD isn't as easy to implement. Steam does it well, and so does XBL and PSN. Just drop your useless argument, no one here likes reading your fanboy bs.

ALL platforms have its pros and cons.

commodore642993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Dude, you are an exemplary example of what is wrong with ps3 fanboys on n4g.
Not only do you believe your own lies, you also actively seek to convince others that the lies you believe are true.

With regard to your lie:
"Sony was the first to offer full retail games...
For download. "

Did you forget about Steam?
Steam offered games for download a LONG time before Sony.
Steam was released on September 12, 2003.

In other words, Sony certifiably was NOT "the first to offer full retail games for download"

No need to apologise.
Just think before you post, next time.
Enjoy that delicious humble pie.

2993d ago
Gam3s4lif32993d ago

...they were in a middle of a format war..why wouldnt they go with DVD...they didnt know tht it was going to be successful and it was new unknown tech...


LOL @ 360 fanboys all defensive!

I'm not one for discuss over features that barelly influence gaming but like it or not, even with all the DD talk from MS, PS3 was the first console to have FULL RETAIL games also distributed online. And PSP was the first handheld to get rid from a disc/cartridge drive. Even Zeebo got rid of physical media before MS... Just admit it already, MS only hate os BD because of PS3, they didn't belive in full DD for one second.

Now both sides should let it go already, we already know BD is good enough and no company will cap the audience by using a format most people can't access. What we should care is if next gen games will be any good or will the industry be plagued by quick-buck shovelware like Kinectimals, WiiFit and Move Party... That's a lot more relevant than in what package games come. After last E3, 360 owners don't even need to wait for next gen to be concerned.

PS: @IHateYouFanboys

As far as I know PS3 BD is totally compatible to both the 100GB and 200GB discs, as well as it is supposed to be with the new Samsung 300GB discs... Do you have a link any source?

sikbeta2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

SEE x-crowd, now you don't need to hate Blu-Ray anymore, MS wants Blu-Ray now, so it seems like SONY made the right choice and now after 5 years MS realize that...

Lifendz2992d ago

Enjoyed reading the non-biased posts by some of the people above. I also hope MS adopts blu-ray for it's next console. It would make them a more viable option than if they stick with DVD or try to introduce a new format. Bubbles to all that kept fanboy comments out of the discussion.

Sony3602992d ago

Unless they stick to their words and go digital

Personally I'd prefer both blu-ray(with faster load times than currently) AND digital media.

n4gno2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

"Not only do you believe your own lies, you also actively seek to convince others that the lies you believe are true."

Commodore talking to himself :) (and other xbox trollies)

even the worst ps3 fanboyz can't compete with the middle class xbox liar, spreading rumors and lies all the way around since 2006, downplaying the best games, hardware, and defending the worst (and it's not an opinion, you can see factual evidences of goty, scores, sells, etc).

"Sony has had more failed formats than MS! are you not old enough to remember?"

wouahh, great logic (again) from ms fans : sony is inovating in electronic/hardware department since decades, tale risks every years, ms..uh... nothing or close (they tried to steal the ipod market, and what else ?), it's obvious you can't fail much, when you are only making 0,01 % of sony's products.

stragomccloud2992d ago


Dude. PC has always had it's exclusives. But last time I checked that doesn't matter that much. Afterall most great games are multiplatform. Which is good because then more people can enjoy good games.

Off the top of my head, exclusives I can think of... Diablo, Diablo 2, Warcraft III, Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Counterstrike, Old Republic, many pther MMOs.

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r1sh122993d ago

I was disappointed that MS didnt put blu ray in the 360 slim.
At least only to play blu ray films if not run games, but the article is true. Without Blu Ray the xbox 360 will be 2nd to the PS3.
To an extent it is halting the industry, however with that being said since MS has given xbox 360 users the opportuinty to install games to USB sticks, maybe they could release games on USB sticks?
Who knows, i mean that could lead to a whole new level of piracy, but how else can they compete directly with blu ray?
I dunno, but I dont see many exclusive games staying with MS due to the fact they dont have a blu ray.
I just hope they sort something out, because the xbox can do much better if a game had a larger capacity on disc.

Persistantthug2993d ago

They've already got consoles with harddrives and half of them without.

Having so many without bluray, that's introducing an even greater divide.

Microsoft made their bed with DVD for the 360, and now they have to sleep in it...there's no way around it for this gen.

Next gen, they will be almost forced to use BluRay though, because that will be the market's ubiquitous disk medium.

BX812993d ago

I don't think at this point adding a blu ray drive to any 360 is cost effective. I don't think MS has to compete directly with the blu ray as much as they have to compete with the PS3 as a whole. MS has proven they can sell with just the DVD format but any gamer would agree with you on the fact it's holding the gaming industry back a little. I want developers to stop making games for both systems if they know they can produce a better game on the other! This would suck at first but Sony and MS/Nintendo would know they need to make reliable and up to date tech!

bumnut2993d ago

"But thats nothing compared to the fact that MS will directly pay Sony for royalties for every disk sold! It would be mindbogglingly depressing to MS shareholders!"

sony already pay microsoft royalties for operating systems on their laptops

bednet2993d ago

Actually, the consumer pays for the Windows license not the hardware's included in the price.

MS could not pass the BD license fee down to the consumer as that would make games on XBox more expensive than PS3.

niceguyWii32993d ago

Then you must know that Sony and Microsoft have many deals between each other outside of the video game industry, some deals benefit micro some benefit sony. Outside of the gameing industry they are somewhat of business partners..

JoelR2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

actually TDK would be the benefactor from any royalties... why do people persist in believing that Sony has all the patents on Blu-ray. TDK has the most but it is shared across many groups.

Blu-ray DiscTM patent owners: CyberLink Corporation; Dell Inc.; Hewlett-Packard Company; Hitachi Ltd.; Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.; LG Electronics Inc.; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic); Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Pioneer Corporation; Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Sharp Corporation; Sonic Solutions; Sony Corporation; TDK Corporation; Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.; and Warner Home Video Inc..

BX812993d ago

I'm sure it will if it doesn't I think we will start to see developers favor the Sony brand! Why keep making games for a format that doesn't let you develop to the max? I didn't think MS would give in with the 360 and add blu ray but they need something way better for the next console!

poopface12993d ago

The next xbox and ps4 will have a really fast bluray drive and alot of ram.

that should be pretty sweet.

Graphics2993d ago

@ lowcarb
Yea thats why 360 games are 5 hours long and lack story/cutscenes. All 360 game CG and CS are discusting because of the dvd format, CS are all pixelated or blurry, thats DVD for you. And after reading what i just wrote i wonder how ME2 is gonna look on ps3 without out all the stuttering and pixelation the dvd version had on the pre rendered scenes.

fullmetal2972993d ago

All the cutscenes are ingame.

avengers19782993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Better late then never.
Who knows were they would be right now if they adopted blu-ray from the very beging.

WiiPS3beats3602993d ago

If xbox would have had bluray from day 1 it would cost the same as ps3 at launch and ps3 would have mopped the floor with it

bjornbear2993d ago

I can't imagine "pride" and "honor" being one of MS's traits as a cooperation so, no reason NOT to adopt it

HD-DVD bombed, get over it.

reckoner2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

is definitely something Microsoft might want to consider implementing in the next Xbox.

HDgamer2993d ago

Left 4 dead 1&2, ME1&2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Gears, wait commodore you can't count that these exclusives just happen to be on pc?

TheStorm2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

At Teflon:
There is a difference between songs that are 3.2 mbs a piece, and will never get bigger. And games that continue to grow in size, this generation some are capping and going beyond 50 gigabytes. Next generation is going to probably be double or triple that. Especially America our Internet infrastructure is not ready for big digital distribution like that.

We are 28th in the world for best Internet connection, we don't have the best, mainly because we are so spread out. To me people that think DD is going to be standard next generation need to think again. It won't be for another 10 years until that happens.

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NYC_Gamer2993d ago

MS should accept this offer....

Newtype2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

the bluray association would love MS to use their laser. Sony would be making a lot of money from MS' games if they were to adopt the format.

it's just the same as laptop with bluray, they get like 5 cents every time an optical drive is sold on a laptop.

@ disagrees, you must not understand the idea of 'royalties.'

jack_burt0n2993d ago

its alot more than that for the drives, you have to remember sony get money everytime a game or movie is sold on bluray :)

JoelR2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

gah stop the stupidity here... Sony only a gets a tiny of royalties if it isn't one of their movies. CHECK IT OUT... TDK is base patent owner! Sony was only 1 of 18 manufacturers that agreed to the development of the Bluray player and co-owns some of the patents.

krisprolls2993d ago

Xbox still has the HDDVD cup handler of failure so it's okay I guess

bumnut2993d ago

Sony has had more failed formats than MS! are you not old enough to remember?

Bumpmapping2993d ago

Least they lasted more than a day.

DlocDaBudSmoka2993d ago

Microsoft has told CVG that it isn't interested in adopting Blu-ray for Xbox as it instead considers digital media the 'future of home entertainment'.

M$ wnats DD, but just recently released a 4gb xbox. How much DD are you gonna be able to do/have with only 4 gb? b4 anyone complains about the 250g hdd, thats an extra cost if you want that.

mrcash2993d ago

they might have been talking about the successor of the 360, the 360 doesn't need a blu ray drive, whats the point if they wouldn't be able to make games on them.

iamnsuperman2993d ago

If Microsoft next console is Digital distribution I can say they will fail.... Internet speeds just are not fast enough to download full games.. Fact ..The need to release some sort of disc format upgrade for the next console because the current disc capacities are limiting all ready what's going to happen 4 or 5 years down the line also Digital distribution just wont work (well for now anyway in the future yes but that future is way off)

IHateYouFanboys2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

but people download full 360 games off Live now?

you do know that there is a HUGE library of retail xbox games available for download on live, dont you? most are only 3-5 gb in size. i live in australia where our internet is still stuck in the nineties, yet even i can download 3-5gb pretty easily.

our government has also passed a new National Broadband Network policy, and work has begun to give us 100MB/s broadband over like 97% of the country. when thats finished ill be downloading full games in 5 minutes (granted it wont be for years).

lol gotta love making an enemy out of a Mod - i got banned for 4 days for saying something trivial, and then in that 4 days without even making a single post i go from 5 bubbles to 2. good job N4G, good job.

jashmister2993d ago

@ihateyoufanboys our government hasn't done shit about our internet speeds and the isp's are probably going to jack up the prices if the government does anything.
also senator conroy, if hes still there will then try and make all our internet jump through a useless filter slowing our speeds back down to what we are now

BX812993d ago

Easy! Not only do you sell a 4G console but when you go DD the purchaser then realizes they don't nearly have enough HD to support the amount of content that they'll purchase so now they have to go buy a bigger HD! MS is all about the money, I think at this point all hardcore gamers know this but I don't this MS will go DD only any time soon. In fact I willing to bet the soonest you would see a DD only console from any company would be 10 or 13 yrs from now. Sony failed with the PSP being DD download for 2 reasons in my opinion. The price was way too high and in the end I think gamers really want some kind of physical case/manual and game to hold.

iamnsuperman2993d ago

Also the fact big console games will take hours to download and putting in high speed internet cables cost so much that governments/companies just are not willing to pay because the speeds are good enough for majority of users they are not going to spend millions just to make gamers have digital download