Rumor: 360 price-cut set for August 24th in UK

Disposable Media is claiming to have just been contacted by a trusted Microsoft insider with exclusive news that the Microsoft Xbox will be at a new recommended retail price from Friday August 24, 2007.

The new prices are:

Core £179.99
Premium £249.99
Elite £299.99

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Syko4057d ago

Just to get an idea this is what the conversion to US dollars is. I know there are many more factors than just a straight conversion. I just wanted to throw it out there.

Core $356.52
Premium $495.48
Elite $594.58


Mikelarry4057d ago

picking up an elite if this is true. can any one remember when we in the uk are meant to be getting tv shows?

Odion4057d ago

sometime in the fall with Canada, and your getting IPTV, lucky jerks

Mikelarry4057d ago

but you have to be a BT broadband customer that some bs. i pay 10 pounds with sky for 16 megs i dont wanna join bt and pay 24 pounds just so i can get iptv.

crazyman4057d ago

Have they confirmed that you need BT broadband? I was kinda hoping they may offer it as a seperate service because last time I had BT broadband it sucked.

Tone4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

If this is true, thats good news for me, as my girlfriend is getting me a 360 next friday :D

Was going to get one myself a while ago, but she said wait.. i will get you one sometime soon.

Means i will have spare money to put towards a PS3 when the price finally comes down.. no way am i paying £400 or more for a console, plus it doesnt have that much games out for it at the moment.. and games is what its all about.

SpenserTracy4057d ago

You will miss out on so much fun. The 360 hardware is not made to hold up. 1 year and your hardware will break, they will not give you free warranty forever you know. But thats just my opinion, I understand you if you buy a 360, it's cheap. But it is not a bargain...

testerg354057d ago

Sorry, but that sounds really bad that PS3 fans are now begging people not to buy a 360.

LOFT3164057d ago

THe xbox will be coming down in price because of the elite is getting relesed on th 24th same day as the price drop make's sense and Tone you can pick up a PS3 with two games and an extra controller for £399 or just a PS3 for £329

boi4057d ago

but there are better offers, like Playstation 3 for £425 2 controllers 3 game sof your choice at Virgin megastores...

but hey pick whatever console suits u :)

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