Top 10 reasons why PAX is better than E3

The mainstream audience of gamers attribute E3 in LA as being “the” gaming convention to go to, but after a full weekend at PAX Prime 2010 in Seattle, we have to say to PAX’s increasingly popular appeal to gamers is just as impressive. Here’s ten reasons why PAX is better than E3.

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versusALL2960d ago

I just saw #1, and thats good enough reson for me to belive PAX is better

pixelblades2960d ago

I think somebody referred E3 as a big pageant while PAX is a circus. There's always a set of rules for E3... while at PAX anything goes!

darklordzor2960d ago

But that's part of why E3 is still the standard. There are rules and regulations to keep things orderly. PAX is crazy, but that's not a bad thing either. I think they appeal to different sets of crowds, but both are awesome.