P*N Preview: PAX Prime 2010 - Resident Evil 5, Move Style…Zombiestyle?

P*N: It is no secret I love Zombie’s, in fact I may say I could be PN’s chief zombologist. As the master zomboliya man I was very curious to get my hands on the PlayStation’s “Move” version of RE 5. Capcom had a demo booth showing of RE5 and I was ready to cause the undead, dead, to be..dead..again? For any RE fans who went the extra mile to play the Wii version of RE4 they will find many of the waggly controls to be similar.

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sam22362959d ago

...since when did RE5 have zombies?

mirroredderorrim2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I haven't seen zombies in a Resident Evil, since 3. I own them all. ;)

TardcoreGamer2958d ago

Couple months ago I saw RE5:gold at Gamestop for sale and knowing of the up and coming PS Move support I had to grab me a copy. Even though I already have the original Xbox copy. Having four or five games in my PS3 library already that will support it is a real Move seller IMO.

twdll2958d ago

Same here. Bought mine on Ebay and cant wait. Will certainly be better than the Sixaxis!