Eurogamer grills Kinect's Kudo Tsunoda

EG: Kudo is asked to justify Kinect's relevance to core gamers, and explains how firmware updates may evolve the experience.

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aceitman2994d ago

that means that thr going to launch it before its ready and try to improve the sensorcam later just like ms to rush a product out the door before its ready hhhmmm like the 360 .

Sony Fiend2994d ago

You'll probably have to pay for those firmwares as well.

2994d ago
Redempteur2994d ago

"I think what core gamers really like is skill-based gameplay and depth."

ahahah ahahaha i'm still looking for skill-based gameplay !!!!

karl2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

funniest interview ever...

i wish it was a video interview so i could see the look on his face.. when they asked him

"What are examples of games in your line-up that have those skill-based elements that core gamers love?"

hay2994d ago

It pretty much means that most of the features advertised are either buggy or not complete as for now.
I'll wait with Kinect once it gains any momentum and some quality software.

tudors2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Devs patch games all the time, you make it sound like somthing new.

dericb112994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

But they patch hardware if something is broken or working incorrectly. Like everyone said at first. They are releasing a unfinished product for the reason of getting it out the door to keep up with competitors.

mcstorm2994d ago

Is this not the same for the PS3 PSP Wii ect not being finished as they have all had new features added to them so those devices were release without being finished.

If you read what was said in the interview he said that on launch Kinect will only track body movement but it can detect objects it has just not been added into the software yet and it is all because they want Kinect to be simple on release.

The point of kinect is to show users how simple it can be to play a game and then add more features to the device as more and more people get the hang of using it and also for the developers to use there mind on creating games to use the features.

I can wait to see what kinect will offer over the next 12 months and I think this well be the device to own in 2011.

I also like how MS are showing off Kinect with its simple approach this will get the none gamers interested in the 360 and once they Halo Reach and fable 3 hype has died down MS can show us some big and new IP's for Kinect.

MS have stated that they do not want to talk about what lies around the corner for kinect and this is not because the tech is not working it is because they are trying to cerate an image of the jump in and play to start off with and then start to show off the extra features of kinect one the none core have take it all in.

Yes as a gamer this my sound like MS are not keeping the hard core in there mind but MS of all the company's know the 360 is seen as the hard core machine but this is a move MS had to make to put the 360 into the wii market but MS Know they need to keep the Hard core happy too and I think they will show us some things next year than make the hard core say I want that just like they did with Halo Gears Forza ect.

TotalPS3Fanboy2994d ago

Something like:

Kudo Claims "Joy Ride steering is super-precise and exact", Evidence Says Otherwise

R2D22994d ago


So the PS3 was an unfinished product? How many updates has the PS3 received since launch.

aceitman2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

and its games or apps or os that r patch to fix bugs and some games get pushed back cause its not good enough to be released . now hardware like the 360, and u know im right i went through 7 360s and im not going to buy kinect and fall in the same boat. the hardware is not ready. if done right it can be something good but being its rushed out it will fail. its ashame that people dont know what real gamers know because they will buy it because ms will advertise it on false pretence.and it will not work like they say it is . if u think it works the way it should then just look at all the demos gone wrong .

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Lifendz2994d ago

There are going to be so many Kinect related injuries and I can't wait for them.

Kinect for Street Fighter: Player does a dragon punch and ends up breaking his hand on his ceiling.

Kinect for Gears: Player does a curb stomp and accidentally steps on a pet or small child.

Kinect for Madden: Player gets carried away and throws his back out while attempting to perform a diving catch.

moodymofo2994d ago

its only funny till someone gets hurt..........then its hilarious

unfortunatly i dont think kinect will be compatible with those types of games

marinelife92994d ago

Turning your hands in Joyride with no gas, brake, or shifting is skill based?

TotalPS3Fanboy2994d ago

He meant it takes a whole lot of skills to overcome the lag and the inaccuracy of Kinect in order to win in any of the Kinect games.

djevolve2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

We will see just how important the casual market is.

On the hard core note, who gives a sh!t.

I just want the tech for party nights with my friends.

It's hard to find a game on xbox or ps3 that allows a couple of people to play with ease and take turns. Mortal kombat should solve this but not for the ladies.

Problem with gamer web-sites, you are about 1% of the market and really don't get what the tech is pushing for.

I think the promise for core gamers is when the 2nd wave of games with the tech incorperated with the controller. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Sarcasm2994d ago

"Eurogamer: What are examples of games in your line-up that have those skill-based elements that core gamers love?

Kudo Tsunoda: In Kinect Adventures"


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xavier-tooth2994d ago ShowReplies(1)
Omega42994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

"We have a good advantage at Microsoft because we have groups like our Microsoft Research department that not a lot of other companies have, and we’re able to solve some super-complicated technical problems in a short period of time."

Sounds like the real reason Nintendo and Sony passed on Kinect.

"Being able to digitise real-world objects and take them into the virtual world - we saw a little bit of that at E3 last year, but it's not stuff that we have in any of the launch games right now, and I think we're going to see a lot more games start using that as well as we go forward."

Looks like you are able to still scan real world objects into a game, another rumour debunked, again. So much for Sony's patent.

iamnsuperman2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Sony realised the limitations of controller-less gaming when the tried it with the eyetoy.... The interface might be better with the Kinect but the core problems are the same.....Some games just need buttons....

Shadow Flare2994d ago

"We have a good advantage at Microsoft because we have groups like our Microsoft Research department that not a lot of other companies have, and we’re able to solve some super-complicated technical problems in a short period of time."

Well they've had like 3 years or more to fix the body recognition issues with kinetc, and they still work just as badly as when we first saw them.

So like always, they're talking out of their butt, and like always omega, your listening to those words and believing them.

SuperTiger2994d ago Show
ZombieAutopsy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Omega you do know Sony has it's own R&D teams along with a crap load of first party studios who share tech and ideas.

I'm not gonna say Kinect can't offer the casual gamer a decent experience but for most of us who own Xbox 360's already and mainly play things like Gears, Halo, and CoD it doesn't really offer us anything. The only game i'm remotely interested in for Kinect is Children of Eden and that's coming out for the Ps3 as well (even though I doubt i'm getting Move).

Well I assume most gamers are between the age of 13-25 and most of them don't have kids and if they do they prolly aren't that old, so I feel I am speaking for a good majority of gamers. Like I said it can offer the casual gamer a good experience but it's not a stretch to think that most xbox 360 gamers are into the game I mentioned and don't really care for the games that are being made for Kinect (that we know of).

tudors2994d ago

Speak for yourself, I have kids and they will love it.

dericb112994d ago

Why do you want to piss your kids off like that. They Wii is a way better fit. The price of a:

Wii w/ Wii Sports $200
Kinect with a Game $200

Same price but one lets you keep your 360 free for yourself and one had way more games. Get a Wii for the little ones.

Focker-4202994d ago


The average age for gamers is 35 years old.

zootang2994d ago

Don't all companies have a Research and Development department? lmao.

Jdoki2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Yeah, but MS are the only company with a Research Dept capable of solving "super complicated" problems.

Shame they didn't have the Research Dept available to fix the "Mega-complicated" problem of RRoD for years, or the Research Dept that could fix "uber-complicated" problems associated with making Kinect work properly


Non_sequitur2994d ago

MS spends a lot more money on advertising than R&D.

Chris3992994d ago

Being an electronics HARDWARE giant. Ok, Omega. We'll add this one to the classic reel.

We can all selectively take snippets from the interview, see:

Eurogamer: Do you expect Kinect to get better at reading hand motions and small hands?

Kudo Tsunoda: Yes. As the technology evolves over time you're going to get more granular on what we can do. The closer you get to the sensor, you can actually get a pretty good reading on a hand motion. Even with my hands you can get a good read far away.

What does that even mean? Of course, if you're standing a foot away from the sensor, it SHOULD be able to see your hands. What is "far away" when he mentions that you should get closer to the sensor for a "pretty good reading". There is so much spin surrounding this device that it makes people dizzy.

The 360 is a decent piece of kit that has made a lot of gamers happy, but stop defending this - Kinect. Hell, I have a PSPGo and while I enjoy it, I recognize it's a turd and a complete pariah in gaming circles. Go cheer-lead Gears or Halo, those are positive aspects of the 360 experience. Kinect is a colossal waste of time and sense.

P.S. Sony's patent probably only applied to their system (PS3) btw. Just like MS doesn't own the WORLD-rights to in-game music, just for that feature for their specific machine. You can't make universal patents on certain technologies. Comprehension is a real chore for you isn't it?

Bigpappy2994d ago

Omega is doing a great job at one against a thousand PS3 fanboys. If you really don't care for kinect, why put so much of you time into commenting in the articles. That is the problem with the folks here on N4G. They have started this cult campain against M$, and mostly Kinect (new, with the potential of pulling 360 sale out of reach of PS3).

If I had no interest in Kinect, I would just sit back and watch the supporters and haters go at it. As I see it, you only attack Omega because you are a PS3 lover and he struck a nerve. Funny how all the PS3 fanboy comments are all fine by you. But Omega defends what he likes and you want him to talk about Halo, which has more pre-orders than most PS3 games have in sales.

bustamove2994d ago

You sound like a broken record. Please stop.

young juice2994d ago

"Sounds like the real reason Nintendo and Sony passed on Kinect."

i know right. did you see how fast that 360 got fixed up?

mrv3212994d ago

Clearly Microsoft R&D helped a lot, just look at the latest videos... and all the fail with in them.

cliffbo2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

imo Omega4 is Bill Gates now he has left the company he ain't got anything to do so he goes on here and makes a fool of himself :)

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Keltik822994d ago

of Kinect Adventures looks so terrible. That is for core gamers? GTFO!

badkolo2994d ago

this thing says fail all over it, now they are admitting this things is stripped and thats its coming out with basic functions.

such a horrible thing.

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