Volition's New Project, 'Most Ambitious Yet'

Red Faction: Armageddon developer Volition has revealed to NowGamer that it's next new IP will be it's most ambitious yet and hints at a collaboration, rather than a strictly in-house title.

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DavePSU2993d ago

60 degrees and no comments? Seriously?

hay2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

"Red Faction's dev's new project..." would generate more heat.
I guess people are used to sensational headlines to be interested in normal, quality news.

MaxOpower2993d ago

"Most Ambitious Yet" doesn't really mean much when coming from Volition.

baker_boi2993d ago

Look at this guy. I bet you just a Saints Row hater.

I see yo Icon.

gamerzBEreal172993d ago

wow dude saints row 2 was great and a blast to play one of my favorite games this gen it was EPIC

Darksyko2993d ago

When did announce Saints Row 3? I loved the first two. And in terms of the this new project can't wait to here more details.

Dioxinis2993d ago

but it wont be out until late next year or 2012 theres a chart floating around somewhere of THQ's release schedule

im excited to hear about anything volition is working on i loved saints row 1 and 2 and i also loved red faction geurilla :D

siyrobbo2993d ago

wonder if its got something to do with Guillermo del Toro, i remember reading about him working with thq on a game project

Lazy_Gamer2993d ago

Volition make fun and innovative games. But they need more polishing and more variety in terms of graphics, gameplay and story telling. Fingers crossed for their next project.

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