IGN: Ruse Review

IGN: Zoom all the way out from one of Ruse's World War II battlefields and you'll see the edge of the strategy table in the commanding Allied general's war room. Desk officers work silently in the background; troops are colourful blue and red counters inching across a map of Europe, their movements delineated in bright, wide arrows.

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WildArmed2995d ago

I havn't really read the review yet (Itouch has bad reading capability!), but I'm curious to know if they mentioned Move and how well (or bad) it integrates into it.
I'm not an RTS fan, but will pick this if Move is implemented well just to see it's possibilities.

IdleLeeSiuLung2995d ago

Your answer:

"given that most people will be playing the game with a pad, though, that's how we'll be reviewing it." -IGN

On the bright side they do give you an in-depth view of PS Move with Ruse on a separate article:

Bottom line is:

"Playing Ruse with Move has a lot of advantages, but crucially, none of them make pad play obsolete – the choice is down to you, and it doesn't punish you for preferring the feel of a controller." -IGN

I was hoping for a non-WWII era RTS that either focuses on science fiction or medieval times. WWII is so boring!

fooltheman2995d ago

looks like they don't want to admit that Move is better for the game...
...they just make a strange comment

WildArmed2995d ago

Thanks for the reply.
+bubs ^^

chasegarcia2995d ago

no move talk in this short review

skynidas2995d ago

Dont you read??

Taken from the review:

"It also works with Move, which gives PS3 players something a little closer to a mouse-and-keyboard experience. For a very detailed analysis of how Move works with R.U.S.E, you'll want to take a look at last week's feature - given that most people will be playing the game with a pad, though, that's how we'll be reviewing it".

kevnb2995d ago

it would have been better off a pc exclusive.

Montoya2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I think the PS move will work fine w/ it. PS3/PC exclusive would make more sense for a RTS at this point. IMO.

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