Heavenly Sword Preview

Heavenly Sword tells the history of a revenge, that Nariko, a heroin with the red hair, against a king and his army. When the kind destroyed the clan of Nariko, it decided to take along with it the Heavenly Sword to fight. But to take this sword for a mortal has a consequence...

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socomnick4019d ago

I want god of war 3 :/ Anyone know if its in production.

seraph pinion4019d ago

I think that should be heroine, with an "e".
Heroin and video games are very similar, they're expensive and encourage one to sit in the same location, staring at the same spot for hours on end.
Yes, I'm joking, and I'm allowed- I've had both habits, but I'll keep the digital habit, it's slightly less expensive, plus I get to keep my wife and children. And it's not illegal. (Yet.)


I hope not. Lets wait awhile