29 game characters that look like an amusingly shaped carrot

GamesRadar: Undoubtedly you will remember yesterday's big story about the carrot with the arms and the legs and the vague resemblance to some game characters. Well, thanks to everyone that offered their own look-a-like suggestions, we can now present a frankly unnecessarily extensive list of game characters that the mishapenly shaped vegetable could easily be mistaken for.

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jaredhart2995d ago

That carrot is a badass!

-Mezzo-2995d ago

lol, i would have just put the carrot in Bioshock, i means they are like identical twins.

keklar2995d ago

Haha, awesome that they actually went through and found so many characters that really fit the carrot. Nice investigative work! ;)

theonlylolking2995d ago

LOL I guess devs should try not to make there characters look like that carrot.