Sony’s PS4: Backwards Compatibility Is A Must

PS4S: "Sony has had a really hard time dealing with the backlash that the PS3 has brought with it surrounding backwards compatibility. Firstly it had it, then it didn’t, then it might have been a software upgrade.. now it’s history – with all PS3 slims on the market unable to support full backwards compatibility with PS2/PS1 titles."

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DA_SHREDDER2994d ago

that would be sick if they added ps2 support.

WhittO2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

PS2 would be ALOT cheaper than having it play all PS3 games too.

I sort of doubt the PS4 would be FULLY backwards compatible just because of the expense of basically putting a PS3 inside a PS4 like they did with the PS2 chip inside launch 60gb, but you never know, they could have software emulation for it etc.

Gawdl3y2994d ago

Actually, it's fairly likely that the PS4 will be fully backwards compatible with the PS3, because if the rumours are true, the PS4 will have a similar architecture, with the cell processor, just a better version of it.

Poseidon2994d ago

im savin up for my ps4 day one, i hope uncharted 4 is a launch title

WhittO2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

If it uses software emulation it doesn't matter if they use the same spec architecture for the PS4 does it? Not sure on that 1..

Having PS4 play all PS3 games would be amazing though.

I think they haven't done software emulation for PS2 games on PS3 for a reason, whether it's because of cost or instability or even down to copyrights or something, who knows, but I think they have the ability to do so but choose not to.

Edit: oo so if they used the same architecture it would be easy for full B/C, they prob will aswell.
Since all the devs already know how to develop for the Cell and there wouldn't be as many SH*TE ports the first year lol, would be good news for the PS4.

jerethdagryphon2994d ago

if ps4 is cvell based and has an nvidia gpu then yes ps3/ bc is easy

im almost positive the ps3 slims can play disc based ps1 games

Gawdl3y2994d ago

If it had the same architecture, it wouldn't need to have software emulation. It wouldn't even need emulation, if they use a similar format and tools for their SDK.

WhittO2994d ago

I think all PS3's are B/C with PS1 games aren't they? I remember reading that although the new 40gbs (at the time) can't play PS2 games they can still all play PS1 games lol.

nickjkl2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

only needs backwards compatability at the start of the generation when building librarys but after a while its useless and coul harms software sales

rockleex2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Pure BS.

ANY PS3 can play all PS1 titles.

Its just PS2 that you can't play.

Btw, thank all the people who claim they don't need BC they just want the PS3 at an affordable price.

HSx92994d ago

PS4 isn't coming out til like 4 more years, so good luck remembering about this article by then.

Gue12994d ago

PS4 will need to be a beast to fully emulate the PS3 without any hardware help. But seeing how fast the GPU's are progressing I believe that in the future(like 5 years) it'll be possible to fully emulate the multiple SPE arquitecture of the Cell on a GPU with minimal resource from a CPU.

Sooner or later when GPUs get faster there will be no need for a CPUs so I hope Sony's investing on a powerful GPU for the PS4 and not CPU like they did with the PS2 and PS3. Just look at the 3DS, with a crappy CPU but powerful GPU producing incredible graphics and in 3D.

morkendo232994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

r u guys kidding me??? WTF without B/C who need a ps4 without ps2,ps1,ps3 compatibilites??? what the hell ur going to do with ur old ps games if u dont have either consoles???
i have ps3 phat 60bg play all ps games… i mainly play ps2 games on it. if ps4 could not play my other games i dont think i’ll buy ps4

Proxy2994d ago

Bunch of hackers have created a software PS2 emulator (in their free time) which works fairly well on a 1.6 ghz processor. Why can't Sony do the same on the PS3 with teh power of teh cell? And certainly the PS4 should be able to.

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4221852994d ago

I also want my ps3 account and trophies to carry over.

Imperator2994d ago

Yea, I really hope GamerScore and Trophies carry over to next generations consoles. It would be a shame to loose all that work.

fight4love2994d ago

this is obvious. ps4 and xbox 720 must be able to play older games.

fourtwenty20092994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I’ve suggested this idea to the Blog Share at least 5 times and it’s never been posted/approved.

I read this to mean that SONY plans to not support backwards compatibility as a business decision, they'd rather sell you the 'UNCHARTED COLLECTION' Remastered with PS4 enhanced support and new DLC!

They're so against this idea, they won't even approve it for people to vote on!

This is a sick, sick business.

ExplosionSauce2994d ago

I don't know the "UNCHARTED COLLECTION' Remastered with PS4 enhanced support and new DLC" sounds pretty damn awesome! :D

madjedi2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )


Really an uncharted collection -_-, there is no need for it, the remakes are sony's way of getting around ps2 incompatibility.

I am willing to bet sony will use alot of the same hardware for the ps4, thats currently in the ps3. Only several generations past the current architecture specs.

And ps4 enhanced support and new dlc, so move controls and new dlc, which can be done this gen, so that not a valid argument pal. Nor does it define how ps4 enhanced support is any different than the ps3's support.

And at best bump the resolution to 1080p or 1600p, because thats as high as tv's go at the moment and will likely stay that way for several yrs.

3 biggest selling points of the current ps2 remakes, trophies, doesn't look like ass on a hdtv and no longer hard to find/need a ps2.

And paranoid people the ps3 will be $99-150 at that point, so like people screaming about ps2 bc it's not that big of an issue anymore.

Now positive reasons for uc collection, trophies already there, visuals uc has some the best graphics i have seen this gen, maybe 3d but i doubt it.

So i see absolutely nothing that would merit a rerelease of this gen uc games, as a collection pack next gen.

Unlike current ps2 rereleases, ps3 rereleases on the ps4 are totally pointless.

The ps4 is unlikely to launch till late 2013 at the absolute earliest, it's still 2010, we have 3+ yrs before any of this is even remotely close to happening, till then focus on this gen as gamers. :)

El_Colombiano2994d ago

Backwards comparability is *very* important to me. It makes the platform, specifically Playstation, feel a part of a family of it's past consoles. I absolutely LOVE my 60GB PS3 for backwards compatibility and even though it's real old now and almost as loud as my launch 360, I wouldn't change it in for a slim. Backwards compatibility is way too important for me.

Coolmanrico2994d ago

It very important to me as well. For me it knowing that if my old console breaks, I won't have to go out and buy another one because my new one can already play it.

ElementX2994d ago

Ha, how stupid to have a PS4 site when it's not even announced. Speculation and wish list features are pointless and lame.

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