Move is not a Copy

This is a tech demo from 2004 where you can see the research on technology to track the movement in three dimensions. In the film you will see colored balls that are used to control the game.

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pwnd_of_lol2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

All sony their doing is flattering Nintendo. Face it, everybody wants to be like Nintendo now because, well, it's the most successful video game company out there. Get used to it.

The Move is a blatant clone of the Wii-mote, and don’t try to hide it by saying that it will provide hardcore games.

iamnsuperman2994d ago

The look of it I agree with you but the actually technology is completely different. So do not call it a clone at least learn how the two different technologies work before calling something a clone. Nintendo did well with the casual by releasing a cheap console that works well enough for casual to play. What Sony is doing is making the experience better by adding the option for hardcore gamers so it has longevity.

8-bit2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Not only is the tech different but pwnd_of_lol didn't even notice that the video was from 2004 haha

How can some one disagree with OSU?

OSU_Gamer2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

They are not a clone technology-wise. But they do the same thing with one being more accurate.

Spin it how you want, but I am buying Move because it is a more accurate Wii-Mote for hardcore games. THAT is why I like it.

I'm not dissing Move or Sony, but lets call it what it is and isn't. Instead of making excuses for what it is and isn't, why not embrace it.

I didn't buy a Wii for 2 reason: The wiimote was innacurate and their were no real hardcore games. The Move solves that.

Samus HD2993d ago

it is a copy - look
Wii Remote - Move
Nunchuck - nunchuck
the Pointer - Pointer
and more

if it will be better of course it will because
Wii launched in 2006
Move in 2010

Soo it is a Copy and it could be a good copy or better one
Stop denying That

Motorola2993d ago

Sony apparently had this concept for a while and just recently perfected the concept. Its not the ps3 fans fault that kinect doesnt work well, dont take the hate out here.

Triella2993d ago

The video may be from 2004, but if you look at the entire conference you will see that Marks explains he's been working on the tech/concept since 2000 - 2001 (year when it was first presented at CES). So Move has been in developpment for 10 years.

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TheOldOne2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

wtf did u even read the article? Sony has had the move technology in development years before wii was even wii motion controls was even unveilied. So how is it a blatant copy?

Graphics2993d ago

Nintendo been trying to do motion control since the 90s.

fr0sty2993d ago

"motion control" and "fully interactive 1:1 3D motion control" are 2 totally different things.

sam22362993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

@TheOldOne: How much of an ignorant fanboy can you get?!! Jesus H. Christ!! Motion control has been around for fucking years! YEARS! Neither Sony nor Nintendo invented the thing!

Stop pulling shit out of your ass, please.

palaeomerus2993d ago

Move technology = typical USB webcam augmented reality technology with a brand name stuck on it.

n4gno2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

palaoemrus xbotroll is probably talking about kinect :)

by the way, [email protected] first donkeytroll comment (and the other ones), they have nothing to play, the "future of gaming" (eye toy 1.2) is a failure, then they are trying to downplay the good things, like ...always.

to the others dumbo talking about copy, when you have videos from decades on ps2 (and before that enginering), it's pathetic, because improvments, 3D scan, and hd consoles (+ best library) is more important for gamers than knowing who was the first to try to do something similar (nobody knows), and by the way, the more ironic is when xbox's fans join the movement of wii fanboyz, forgetting that move is way more stranger for wiimote, than kinect is for eye toy (and it works)

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cliffbo2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Pwnd, it beggars belief that you say that with the proof a click away... go on press it. Buttons are useful

yewles12993d ago

Again ignoring evidence... I guess E3, 2005 didn't happen either... right?

TheOldOne2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I never said that Sony or nintendo invented motion tech, learn how to read.
All I said was that Sony had their motion tech years be4 wii unveiled theirs, that's all I said.

Edit: @Graphics, can u giv a link/evidence for that plz.

MmaFanQc2993d ago Show
jack_burt0n2993d ago



The truth right there for all you lot to see.

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BrianG2993d ago

No matter how many of these articles pop up its not going to convice those who can not open there eyes, and dont have the slightest idea of how business works out in the real world or how technology works for that matter, that Move is not a copy of the Wii Mote.

Samus HD2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

it is a copy and in this video who they say is in 2001
they are just demonstrating Eye Toy not even closer move or Wii remote

kneon2993d ago

but there are also Sony patents from around the same time as this video showing what looks like a move controller, complete with the ball, motion sensors and buttons. So they already had the ideas, but the demos are a simplified version of what they had planned.

BrianG2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Browse Youtube my friend, look at the early stuff, you'll see wand prototypes from back then being tested with the camera. You'll also find early videos of 3D cameras being tested by Dr. Marks.

I guess the people that disagreed with my comment are the ones that either believe these articles will make a difference, or are the ones who are dead set that Move and the Wii mote are IDENTICAL.

Its like some people really believe R&D doesn't span years on some products, like the idea and tech behind move was made just last year or something. Not many products have such short development cycles.

Daddy-O_242993d ago

this is cool and you guys have to relize this move im going to play the new red faction with this it is going to fucking awesome

akaFullMetal2993d ago

so sony had the move technology being worked on before the wii was announced with the controllers. Interesting.

sayonara892993d ago

Yeah, Sony was even testing Natal-like 3D cameras 5 years ago.

Interesting article:

sayonara892993d ago

IT started in 2000, but camera + pointer patent is from 2004.

syanara2993d ago

OMG WERE LIKE BROTHERS! lol but no seriously tho Between Move and Eye Toy and other peripherals Sony has been Big on Motion Gaming since the beginning of the PS2. Nintendo Was big on Motion controls ages ago with things like the power glove and duck hunt however these did not have the sophisticated technology required to make any of these enjoyable on a mainstream basis. Sony waited with their tech to put as much effort and research into it to make it good enough to be used on the mainstream basis the Move is being marketed as. You could say that the Move is the result of over 10 years of research and development. that being said I am just happy that the tech has evolved enough to bring the great motion gaming experience that the Move offers for hardcore gamers.