“They can’t do that! I only modded my console”

If you modify your console then both Microsoft and Sony have a way of detecting you and punishing you.

In this upcoming series of articles we will be looking at the terms of use contracts that Microsoft and Sony make you sign before connecting to their online services.

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Coffin873017d ago

I was gonna say almost the same thing: "lol @ kitteh"

Greycat_James3013d ago

Took me a few minutes before I had to dash off to a party. Glad it was enjoyed. xD

JsonHenry3018d ago

I wonder do these agreements still apply in America since congress said it was okay to jailbreak your electronic devices? It voided out all the cell phone legalities and made it illegal for the phone carriers to punish people with jailbroken phones/PDAs, right? Shouldn't the same apply to consoles?

Fireseed3018d ago

Yeah that's what I've been thinking, I mean it's only logical.

Persistantthug3018d ago

the rules couldn't stop Sony or Microsoft from terminating their network service at will.

They can pretty much kick you off for anything they want....

There's no rule or law that will change that.

Focker-4203018d ago

Its like refusing service to someone at your restaurant. Its perfectly legal.

inveni03017d ago

They can terminate network services. I'm not sure that they can "brick" your console. But, you'd have to probably take them to court if they happened to try. Take the iPhone, for instance. If you can jailbreak your iPhone, that's fine. Apple, however, could choose to disallow jailbroken iPhones from accessing the App Store. To my knowledge, they haven't, but they could if they wanted to.

AssassinHD3018d ago

Video game consoles were not exempted from the DMCA.

TacoTaru3018d ago

It certainly wouldn't force MS or Sony to allow online access to modified console. It wouldn't stop them from updating firmware to not work with the modified device and selling games that won't work without that firmware.

gamingdroid3018d ago

I think the "legalizing" of jailbreaking phones was only an exception for phones and does not apply to consoles.

pat_11_53017d ago

Yup that's very true, my understanding was that the law didn't apply to consoles. Keep in mind that it is only valid in the U.S. although it is very precident setting.

mindedone3017d ago

The exemption allows for people to bypass technical protections for use in testing videogame security. The new exemptions cover a wide array of consumer electronic products.

Christopher3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It's still legal for them to require that you have an unmodified machine to connect to their service. Just as you're allowed to freely modify your purchased hardware and the software that's installed on it for jailbreaking, they're free to detect and prevent you to access their services as well. Jailbreaking a PS3 is a security bypass that can affect online users as well as enable the ability to pirate software in various forms.

PSN is a separate service from that of the console itself and is Sony's to do with. Phones rely on their service for use, though, and are still managed for security via the phone companies. Phone companies can still block service to those phones that implement fraudulent or security bypassing code. They just can't deny service if it has been jailbroken to allow service from other providers (such as an iPhone using Sprint or TMobile).

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theonlylolking3018d ago

They never learn.

Maybe people should actually read the terms of use before playing.

DarkBlood3018d ago

i dont do any of this stuff but one time i did read the terms of use stuff and so forth, theres no way im reading that long crap agan

Greycat_James3013d ago

Imagine trying to analyse and write up about it only having people scream, "NO UR RONG" at you once you're done.

This is the reason I wanted to write this set of articles. I didn't want people to have to read through an entire agreement just to find out what can happen to them if they try something stupid. I totally appreciate not wanting to read the ToU. It's so god-damn BORING. But I said I'd do it, so I'm doing it.

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