Valve working on DOTA trilogy?

Valve appears to be plotting a trilogy of Defence Of The Ancients games.

According to two new filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office discovered by CVG, the Washington studio has grabbed the TMs for DOTA2 and DOTA3.

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Letros2995d ago

Wonder when this will hit Steam, IceFrog said it won't be long, and that was months ago...should be interesting to see it on the source engine.

Darkfiber2995d ago

Not sure I see the point in making 3 if they could just provide ongoing support by adding new characters and maps.

Wanderer2995d ago

I don't see the point in a trilogy.

It's not really a type of game that ages very fast anyway.

Cheeseknight282995d ago

I hope this is free, it might just have to be to compete with League of Legends and, of course, the original DotA. The original isn't free, but their target audience already owns the game and asking those people to pay for another game isn't that easy.

Hell I didn't pick up Newerth after beta simply because I wouldn't pay $30 for it. I ended up buying the Champion Bundle for LoL though simply because they gave me a system that I liked, and I knew that $20 purchase was justified. For Newerth, if the game hadn't improved at all since beta, what can I justify that $30 on?

Letros2995d ago

Pretty sure it will be free, much like Alien Swarm. Getting millions more people on Steam has side effects like them seeing deals and making purchases.

theEnemy2995d ago


They maybe do some kind of what WoW did. Expansions.

I hope this game's info surfaces early next year. Warcraft DotA is getting boring and plague with maphacks. HoN and LoL ain't doing it for me.

Naso2995d ago

LoL is pretty good, but the devs don't know what they are doing. They said it them selves that the software sucks so all the new hardware they keep adding really aint doing shit. And I really don't like always having 100 ping because there are only west cost servers.

Only played HoN for a bit, but It was just dota remade to the tee with better graphics and different hero names and look.

Valve usually does things right, so I will like to see what they do with it.

DirtyLary2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Will we see Heros with silly hats? ;0

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