The Witness Lurked at PAX

Were you at PAX? Well, if you were, did you witness The Witness lurking quietly on a desk, waiting for people to give it a test run? You didn’t? Okay, you’re not in the minority: quite a few people walked past the chance to have a go on Jonathan Blow’s latest creation The Witness...

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Acquiesce2992d ago

Gonna be amazing, 'nuff said.

DaBadGuy2992d ago

I know knothing of this title, but from the creator of Braid, hey, it's gonna be intersting. I imagine if this thing had been one of the featured games, it would have been buried by the Duke.....oh still was....but at least this way it's a hidden gem, like a really fun easter egg for the people there.

hatchimatchi2992d ago

I find that really cool that the game was just sitting there on a table with no signs or advertising. I bet it was quite the surprise when random people stumbled upon it.

I wonder what this game will be like, I really liked braid but good lord those puzzles got difficult towards the end. I hope in this game he makes you use your mind in a different manner.