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TrevorPhillips2690d ago

I'm sorry to say this but Virtua Tennis is better :)

r0gueZA2690d ago

what, seriously?

I need to pick up a copy then. I love the Topspin series, but if you and 2 others say there is better, then I best check it out.

BYE2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Virtua Tennis vs Top Spin is like Mario Kart vs Gran Turismo.

a11ure2690d ago

Agreed. Virtua Tennis is relatively fun but shallow as shit. Top spin is waayy deeper and way more reflective of actual tennis. im a little sad to hear that they've revamped the controls. eitherway, cant wait for this game!!

PopEmUp2690d ago

in the arcade is actually pretty good and fun, but on console it feel dull compare to topspin

The_Count2690d ago

Hopefully it supports Move.

cyborg2690d ago

that bad either. Will get this prolly.

IanBear2690d ago

interesting- VT is more arcadey- if you like your tennis sims, this will be pretty decent, probably!

fooltheman2690d ago

hopefully they'll add move ^^

albel_nox2690d ago

I was wondering when they would announce a new one. Top Spin is one my favorite sports franchises.

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The story is too old to be commented.