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Submitted by Espio1 1911d ago | news

Rare: Kameo should have been 'scrapped'

Rare lied to kids about fairies. Not our words - straight from the horse's mouth.

The UK studio has admitted that it wishes it had "scrapped everything and started again" during development of Kameo: Elements Of Power for Xbox - and that it tried to con gamers about the titular protagonist's race. (GameCube, Kameo: Elements of Power, Xbox 360)

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albel_nox  +   1911d ago
Kameo was a good game. A new Kameo is definitely preferable to Kinect Sports and whatever other Kinect related crap Rare is probably working on.
maawdawg  +   1911d ago
I agree
Kameo wasn't bad at all, you just couldn't go in with high expectations. I really wouldn't mind seeing Rare get scrapped altogether now.

I am waiting for the day they release a new KI that completely ruins my memories of that awesome series.
Lightsaber  +   1911d ago
Well Rare is actually kind of right. If kameo looked more like say havenly sword then it would of sold more. I'll admit that I wasnt interested in Kameo at 1st cause it did look like a lil kids game. However not having anything else to play I decicde to give it a try and I loved the game.

However I guess that pretty much kills any hope of a Kameo 2 and that totally sucks
djevolve  +   1911d ago
launch conker 2 and shut up rare.
Godmars290  +   1911d ago
And yet you're saying such a thing in the comment section of an article where Rare themselves says otherwise. That they conned gamers into liking it, and here you are continuing to like it.

What does that say?
Xeoset  +   1911d ago
Because it was actually a decent platformer with new concepts that made it fun?

Y'know when you bought that PS3 at launch? Did you bother to listen to anyone at all, or did you just hang onto Kaz's words and get that second job?

One man != whole studio. This is News4Playstation3 though, I would expect no less than hyperbole.
radphil  +   1911d ago
One guy =/= whole studio.
kaveti6616  +   1911d ago
You can't con someone into liking something. You can only con someone into doing something they don't like.

Did you parents con you into eating vegetables as a kid? Or did they just force you to try it and you found out they weren't all that bad?
ico92  +   1911d ago
i disagree Kameo was a great game, but if they think that should have been scrapped what on earth do they have to say about kinect sports and party animals ?
Elven6  +   1911d ago
Rare didn't make Party Animals, that was Krome.
AngryFork  +   1911d ago
Rare should be scrapped, or what's left of it after Microsoft's raping.
Gen0ne  +   1911d ago
Glad you said that before me. I was scared to. It's true.
Montoya  +   1911d ago
I think this makes it pretty clear Rare has NO IDEA what their doing anymore. Kameo was/is a fun game, it was easily the 360 first good title.
nupes98  +   1911d ago
I agree. It was a good game especially for a launch title. It is 5 years but back then, alot of people were impressed with it technically and graphically
ShadowCK  +   1911d ago
Have you guys even played Kameo? It was horrible.

Don't believe I haven't played it? Look at my Gamertag.
Silentmerc3nary  +   1911d ago
Kameo was badass.
Trey_4_life  +   1911d ago
No kameo was a poorly developed title, rushed out by underachieving developers which signalled the start of a downward decent for rare. This article say's it all, a microsoft first party developer lying and exaggerating, hmm i'm getting a touch of deja vu here!
dirthurts  +   1911d ago
Did you play the game?
I loved the game.
It was unique and did a lot of things no other game had done before. You'll need to make some specific points against the game before I'll consider your comment anything but ignorant.
Arsenic13  +   1911d ago
Everything since Kameo should have been scrapped.

Natsu X FairyTail  +   1911d ago
I dont know what the hell is going down @ MS and Rare but they seem to be making all the wrong descisions. they dont give a f1ck about the fans. Kameo was a really good game. I dint own it but I still had fun playing it back then.
chazjamie  +   1911d ago
i liked this game
yewles1  +   1911d ago
RIP Rare...
Nightshade386  +   1911d ago
Yeah, I liked Kameo. It wasn't the best game I ever played, but good luck finding many great 3D platformers this gen besides the Ratchet games.
chazjamie  +   1911d ago
when this game came out nobody complained about it. people actually enjoyed this game. i wonder why they decided to admit this? and why now?
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jay2  +   1911d ago
Everything you've made since you joined M$ should be scrapped Rare.
kasasensei  +   1911d ago
perfect dark zero too :p
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1911d ago
This company is stupid. What happened to the old RARE that knew what a game was suppose to be? Avatars, and stupid kiddy Kinnect games aren't fun for anyone. Not even the kids.
Godmars290  +   1911d ago
They either left shortly after the company was bought, or MS fired them.
munish23  +   1911d ago
I think some veterans and the owners left the company when Microsoft bought them, or even before.
Demarco156  +   1911d ago
ye lets makes puppy tiger molest small children

that much better
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Elven6  +   1911d ago
Rare isn't developing Kinectimals, a company called Frontier Developments (Lost Winds, Wallace & Gromit, etc) is.
Roozium  +   1911d ago
Kameo was my first game for the 360, aaah the memories.
Nugundam0079  +   1911d ago
Should have stuck with nintendo tbh
Gue1  +   1911d ago
Nintendo sold them, it wasn't a Rare's decision and that's why most of the devs left... Rare is only Rare in name.
Gen0ne  +   1911d ago
Next to betting the farm on the Wii...
It's unfortunately one of the best decisions Nintendo has ever made.
MrRaveDave  +   1911d ago
well their input shows just how out of touch they are. Not thinking anyone would like it because all xbox gamers only like shooters....then for it to do pretty well sales wise FOR A LAUNCH GAME i might add means they misjudged their audience completely. then to stand up and say they should have scrapped it is retarded. yes rare, throw away the great reception the game got. im a 22 year old male and bloody loved it (still do!)

Now they work on avatars....what should be scrapped is the execs who sold rare down the river. in the meantime ill go back to starfox adventures and remember happier times :-)
blackskimmer  +   1911d ago
Kameo was Rare's best game of this gen. For a launch title it was dam impressive. I would love to see a Kameo 2. Sadly all we see now is more Kinetc crap and Rare's continued downward spiral into nothingness.
PoorMansGT  +   1911d ago
kameo is on the wrong console,it's not a shooter so it won't sell.
Elven6  +   1911d ago
Yet it still sold over 1 million units which is pretty good for a launch title...
Half-Mafia  +   1911d ago
BS Rare apart from COD2, kameo was the only other good game at the 360s release.

i want a Kameo 2
washingmachine  +   1911d ago
it was a great game,we need more games like that,its all about shooters it seems
Leafhopper  +   1911d ago
Why would they say that when the game jumped consoles about twice before eventually coming out on the 360 at launch?
beibei321   1911d ago | Spam
Whatever123456  +   1911d ago
Was easily my first and afterwards favorite 360 game... brings back memories when i got my first 360, now this ones my 3rd... and its collecting dust... Got to beak this cycle and at least try & play it again-every now & again ^-^
TVippy  +   1911d ago
Well, you gotta respect the sincerity
He's right, the game is so-so as it is.
Jo0j  +   1911d ago
Kameo is an elf ?!
Never knew...I don't know of many elves that have fairy wings and can hover/fly around.
silkrevolver  +   1911d ago
...just wish they would make a normal Banjo game, and stop with the Avatars and Kinect. I’m sure Microsoft is telling them to do all of this crap, but MS is just being stupid with their resources.
southernbanana  +   1911d ago
Kameo was a good game and it's a shame there will never be a sequel. Who cares if it was colorful and it's main character was a fai- err "elf", it was a decent game. I enjoyed it more than Perfect Dark Zero, or Banjo Nuts and Bolts because Kameo did have a little of the old Rare flair beneath it's skin. Mabey someday Rare can find that flair once again....
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djslapdash  +   1911d ago
Nintendo knew they had the best rare could offer and decided to profit on the reputation and sell to a gullable Microsoft.

The same thing will probably happen with 'Retro Studios'. Once nintendo realises that they wont make any more good games, they will sell the company to Microsoft and make a tidy profit.
Jdoki  +   1910d ago
I can't see how people would have ignored Kameo because it looked like a kids game! Pretty much everything Rare produced on N64 had a cartoony look. it was part of the charm.

Kameo was a solid game. I enjoyed it a lot. It had some issues - particularly how much of a faff it was to swap to out the forms, but a sequel would have been amazing, and it was a great showcase for the 360 as a launch title.

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