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Submitted by skyward 1910d ago | opinion piece

Why Jailbreak is the most boring thing ever on the PS3

NowGamer: Until recently Prison Break: The Conspiracy was the most boring thing I’d ever seen on the PS3. Not any more. The PS3 Jailbreak hack has been boring me to tears for the last few weeks. It was, of course, a major breakthrough for the hacking community, but why does anyone else care? (Culture, Industry, PS Jailbreak, PS3)

pwnd_of_lol  +   1910d ago
damage controls of fanboys ps3...
I bet most of the people who are saying "no way i love sony" are downloading the games ready to play offline as i post this comment.
Acquiesce  +   1910d ago
I'm not...
I have principles. I believe Sony treat me well, so I treat them well in return.
HSx9  +   1910d ago
I thought Xbox fanboys were bad, now I realize PS3 fanboys are the worst.
Gue1  +   1910d ago
I sent a 60GB for repair to Sony cus I like and own a 120GB slim but I just miss the PS2 BC and you know what they did? They sent me back a PS3 without PS2 BC!!!!

What with Sony and the PS2 BC? Those bastards want to shove those crappy re-mastered PS2 games through our asses no matter what!

Having one console play games from 3 different gen was such a nice thing... Sony's not treating me well. =(
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Acquiesce  +   1910d ago
@ HSx9
If that was directed at me then let me tell you, I'm no fanboy. I happen to own both consoles - I've even had the 360 for two years before I got the PS3 - and I feel that, for a myriad of reasons, the PS3 is superior. After all, consoles aren't children; it's easy to pick a favourite.

Plus it certainly helps that right now I don't feel like I'm being shafted to death by Sony like I am by Microsoft.
HSx9  +   1910d ago
I believe I never mentioned your name. Also to your statement about the PS3 being better, of course it is, it's a true Nextgen console, but the fanboys on this site piss me off.
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Graphics  +   1910d ago
Yea PS3 fanboys are worse than xbox fanboys i realized, ps3 fans take fanboyism to a whole new lvl. I use to think to be a fanboy was because a person loved the types of games a system released out more than another but these ps3 people took it to a whole new lvl... its not love for the games it has become an obsession with the company like if they brain washed. They justify everything Sony does.. Sony is not your GOD!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1910d ago

If it wasn't meant for Acquiesce why you replied to him? What do you think REPLY buttom does? Are you that desparate to show your point?
nycredude  +   1910d ago | Well said
All you clowns stated "I thought xbox fanboys are bad, but Ps3 fanboys are the worse", please just gtfo here then. You aren't forced to come to N4g and you guys really sound like butt hurt stuck up gamers. Choosing which fanboys are worse? Do you not see the irony and the stupidity in your comments. While we are at it let choose which type of terrorist are worst, how about what type of rapist, what form or torture is more humane. Seriously get some perspective here people. It's just fun and games. So what some people take it to extremes? It's their right to be asses on the internet, no one is getting hurt, except sensitive people's feelings.
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1910d ago
well said man. Im sick of these people saying ps fanboys are worse, if you call out one side it means you are a fanboy for the other side. Both sides are the worst.
Dee_91  +   1910d ago
i was thinkin the same thing
this is comedy to me tho
mittwaffen  +   1909d ago
Thats some fucked up comedy, people take it to extremes alot dude.

People are BRUTAL on here, no other place comes close to the fanboy wars here its insane. To the point that it might not be physically healthy due to the number of times this occurs per person.

This is where people get their twisted jollys off during the day. It isnt everyone, but a large number of people do so with either a "I Take It In The B--T From MS" or "I always finish S_NY off with a Chilean miner" stamped on their faces.
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HSx9  +   1909d ago
I'm a PC/PS3 gamer, but i know when I see a fanboy, you don't even have to play video games to know when someone is obsessed over something.
jessupj  +   1909d ago
That's funny because I think 360 fanboys are worse. PS3 fanboys have very valid reasons to be loyal to Sony. Sony treat their customers really well and give them heaps of great exclusives. What does Microsoft do? Screw their customers at every possible turn and yet you 360 fanboys still defend them. It's insane!

At least PS3 fanboy drivvle has some truth to it, but most 360 fanboys just spurt out complete and utter lies.
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Highlife  +   1909d ago
starting to think everyone on this stupid site is a fanboy. Sony fanboys xbox fanboys wii fanboys they are all the same sheep! baaaaaaa.
n4gno  +   1909d ago
Only xbox fanboyz or people who don't remember all the craps since 2006 can think that ps3 are worst than ms dumb free employees. :)

Ps3 owners just defend the things that deserve to be defended, and only cares about sony's products (they don't care about xbox or wii), xbox fans attack and downplay all the best things, use stupid logic (like recently with ridiculous sarcasm about ps3 hack, they was enjoying that like a victory for them, but instead, it was just another fail : 4 years before the first hack, and if hack work = more sells), and defend the worst (10$ more to play online, no exclusives, kinect, etc), for microsoft.

"dammage control for ps3 fans"

?? meh ???? another dumb statement, hack is not a defeat for ps3 owners (like stupid xfanboyz are thinking..), it's just another hack, like on ps2, ps2, dreamcast, gamecube, xbox, etc (but this one came 4 years after the laucnh, and it's not already popular and future proof)

lol@braindead tatotiburon.
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StanRaimondi  +   1910d ago
Some people do have jobs and can buy their own games. Not everyone feels the need to try to steal or cheat.
comp_ali  +   1910d ago
would be nice to see how the hackers reply to this FW update. there is a waranty afterall. I think it is not over yet.
SilverSlug  +   1910d ago
and if they are
who cares? Millions of Xbox fans do the same thing.

I mean, Sony isn't bleeding on PS3 anymore. Its a multibillion dollar company, stop defending them like children. They can take care of themselves.
gtamike  +   1910d ago

What are you talking about
Parapraxis  +   1910d ago
PS3 games are readily available online.
navysealrb  +   1909d ago
at willmaniac
uh idk what your talking about cause when I called up to get my 60gb repaired I had 2 options. an upgrade to a 120gb slim which he also mentioned does not have BC for ps2 games for 130. or for 150 i could just get my original console repaired.
JBroken  +   1910d ago
There's a bypass to the firmware. Play online with jailbreak.
But the mods killed that story
danmachine  +   1910d ago
sony can detect if you use it
and perma ban your console, so it isnt a good idea
WildArmed  +   1910d ago
From what I recall, the bypass fw update has up since LONG time ago.
I remember ppl using it when we were getting the 2.xx updates.
So yeah.. i dont know if it still works.
But that is also how you can access the PS3 pstore on ur PC and d/l stuff if I recall correctly.

Honestly, By the time I get home PS+ will have updated my console for me. so i'm not too bothered..
(but I think I still have to hit accept to install? I think they said it just DOWNLOADS the fw update?)
enkeixpress  +   1910d ago
I don't think it's boring.. I mean, You have the ability to get free PS3 games.. Nothing boring about that lol

.. But it most certainly isn't legitimate.. It's just wrong to use in so many different ways.
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SilverSlug  +   1910d ago
But you also take money away from hard working developers.

Just saying, I know that some games are not worth your hard earned cash, but you still want to try them. That is why they invented demos.
s45gr32  +   1910d ago
I agree that stealing the hard work of game developers is bad and you are right they are some games that are not worth the cash but if you want to try the game you would rent it. Demos are only fifteen to twenty minutes and is better to rent the game. Which we only have one option and that is Gamefly yay!!!
gr8sonic2  +   1910d ago
yewles1  +   1910d ago
lol, I doubt it's to even play free games in reality, it's probably to actually hurt a company that kicked their imaginary kittens. XD
Nicky7  +   1910d ago
Or to put it another way
PS3 is the most boring thing ever on Jailbreak
KratosGirI  +   1910d ago
I cared when I heard "PS2 Emulation".
jaredhart  +   1910d ago
Exactly, I haven't even read this story. The PS2 story was the only one I cared about.
SilverSlug  +   1910d ago
If it is there, give us the access.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1910d ago
They just said that so to keep people from updating.

PS3 hardware isn't able to run PS2 code unless such code is redone and optimized for PS3 (the remastered PS2 games, if it were just a question of put PS2 code in BD and give it a Sony PS3 signature, we would have tons of them around now).

In order to play PS2 discs earlier PS3 models have BOTH Emotion Engine and RSX. After a while they come up with a cheaper model lacking RSX but with EE still and just for having to emulate RSX the list of compatible PS2 games were more than 1/3 smaller. After they get rid of the PS2 hardware and backward compatibility were no more... If anything, this shows that even if Sony had an emulator running on PS3, it would be unable to run something like 90% of PS2 library.

Maybe this crackers or someone else (if a homebrew scene ever start) can come up with an PS2 emulator someday, but right now this smells like empty promises, specially because right now this jailbreak is only for those few hundreds that get their PS3 in version 3.41 (no older, no newer), that don't go online and don't plan on playing new games...
tatotiburon  +   1910d ago
actually is the funniest thing ever on ps3...c'mon all this year the ps3 fanboys claimed that sony had beaten the hackers, that geohot failed, that the ps3 is so powerfull and look them right now hahahaha lol in damage control "bubububut is not a hack is an exploit" "bububububut you can't play the new games" lmao
Lionhead  +   1910d ago
Damn you are annoyingly repetitious

Have nothing new or exciting to talk about for your precious 360. Oh right, that you hacked no less.

You are just a filthy pirate to begin with.
chazjamie  +   1910d ago
his ignored by 20 people. thats a record. i think he is the worst troll on n4g.
SilverSlug  +   1910d ago
Geohot did fail
This is different and its not even a hack. Its debug mode.
bustamove  +   1910d ago
What's the matter? No homework today? Isn't today a school day?
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joypads  +   1910d ago
SONY isn't an AMATURE software company.(M$).
hack the Ps3 & Sony will give you the middle finger aka permenantly BAN your sorry ass from PSN kicking it all the way back to Xbox Live.
Dread  +   1910d ago
what does Ms have to do with al this?

everything that happens to Sony is MS fault.. u r a Sony Fanboy :)
JBroken  +   1910d ago
Definately the most exciting thing here for a while.
Kartik and his antics. Hilarious
chazjamie  +   1910d ago
its sucks for me, cause now i have to waste my time and broadbrand for these stupid updates.
SilverSlug  +   1910d ago
God forbid
you use that broadband you are paying monthly for and that Sony wastes 5 mins of your time.
chazjamie  +   1910d ago
you dont need to be an ass about it
i dont have unlimited cap.
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XabiTheHumble  +   1910d ago
This article just read my mind!! Seriously, why should I care what others are doing with there ps3. The fact that xbots are drooling over this dull subject is a testimony of how "vast" there upcoming library of games is lol. But seriously this "hack" will have little to no effect on the sales of games and/or consoles so all of you that are concerned about that being an issue can rest easy now. Can we now pick a different, more interesting subject please?!?!
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FuturePerfect   1910d ago | Trolling | show
00  +   1910d ago
I find this
Whole situation ironic really.
chazjamie  +   1910d ago
it was bound to happen. not sure why its such a heated topic
beibei321   1910d ago | Spam
three barrels  +   1910d ago
Nice article
s45gr32  +   1910d ago
Not able to rent games from anywhere besides gamefly sucks. Is going to hurt and encourage hackers more to hack. There is nothing wrong with renting a game and as far as the PS3 jailbreak goes these hackers sole intention wasn't just to play PS3 games for free which it did not happen it was to bring back the other OS a.k.a Linux and to play PS2 games; as well, play movies in the mkv format. Features that have been demanded by the PS3 community for a very long time and Sony has ignored this well except for the other OS feature. That was the purpose of the jailbreak and hopefully Sony decides to bring back the PS2 compatibility sooner rather than later plus the mkv movie format support. I mean is great how Sony fix this with a firmware update but I hope that Sony understands why the hackers hack the PS3 in the first place and give us the features that the hackers were trying to hack to eradicate the purpose of hacking
Mastodon  +   1910d ago
I'm at a loss here, this article is saying that free games on PS3 is boring? Perhaps that statement in it self is purely fanboyism I don't know but free anything is a great thing not a boring thing. In the future they will adapt to increase its performance. I'm sure someone is already working on stealth mods and all that ridiculous piracy stuff - I dunno I enjoy buying things.

But seriously this is a really weak attempt at seeming like you're not really excited for the prospect of stealing from Sony, I mean they've been stealing from consumers for years - all capitalist corporations do.
skyward  +   1910d ago
Free games initially - whoopee! But it's a false economy - you're firmware will need to update, your hack will fail, and you'll probably get banned from PSN. It's inevitable. Why jeopardize what you love about games - online, etc.
Ryuk  +   1910d ago
Why Jailbreak is the most boring thing ever on the PS3....?
Ps3 exclusives says hi lmao
mja12345   1910d ago | Spam
madpuppy  +   1910d ago
ran out of bubbles again greenringoflife?
an actual troll, usually people have a blind faith in what they believe in
which makes them fanboys, then there is you, a true troll, I don't think anybody here even believes you like games or even care about consoles in general, you get your rocks off trying to upset people...interesting that someone would bother to go through the trouble...but, of course why am I even bothering going through the trouble of replying to you? blah...
bomboclaat_gamer  +   1909d ago
this guy always crack me up
he is no fanboy

i think he gets a kick out of making idiots angry lol
madpuppy  +   1909d ago
that is the point of a troll
He is just being a troll, I don't believe he is a fanboy for any console, he just wants to piss people off. like that annoying kid in school, you know, the one that always points out when you make a grammar mistake or laughs a little too loud and long when someone trips and hurts themselves. he is just a useless PITA.
tiamat5  +   1910d ago
You know what is really funny? Low life people scurrying around like cockroaches hoping Sony won't turn on the light and hiding offine from them. So pathetic. And then you laugh and say 'their is nothing Sony can do' and then they do something and you guys are sent scrambling trying to save your @$$es from being banned or bricked. Your just like the hackers. Your not afraid but but you hide from Sony under your bed and come on game sites trying to convince everyone else that what your doing is right to ease your guilt. You think we Sony loyalists are funny? You desperate low lifes are hilarious. 'Sony owes me,so that makes it okay to break their security and mess them up' Ha Ha Ha. What a joke. Go and try to explain that excuse to the paid developers and employees at Sony. I am sure they will be very understanding and praise you and the hackers for what you have done
Krakn3Dfx  +   1910d ago
The only real benefit I would see to this would be the ability to install the games I already own to the PS3 HD so they would load faster. I already have a disc library of well over 50 PS3 games, so I have zero issues buying games, but I would love to be able to play games without switching out the disc all the time and putting unneeded wear and tear on my PS3 optical drive.

Having said that, I currently have no real intentions of hacking together some USB device to make this a reality, and I do understand that 98% of the people who do this will do it with the idea of getting games for free. So while I'm not a fanboy, I'm rooting for Sony to put this fire out quickly to keep damages to a minimum. I strongly believe piracy on the Wii and DS hurts the system a lot more than most people would like to believe, although I think the difficulty in modding a 360 makes it more prohibitive. If the only thing standing between piracy and legitimate sales on the PS3 is a small USB dongle, then Sony is freaking out right now.
Silverfang2340  +   1910d ago
You know what?
That article is actually pretty well-written. I'll be honest, I was skeptical to update to 3.42 because I was thinking about getting a Teensy++ Board to back my games up, but really, how fair is that? After second thought, I respect Sony enough to update to 3.42 (Which I'm doing now) because it's not fair to the company OR the developers to have people basically cheat them.

I respect Sony for releasing the update so timely, it was a fair move to prevent these hackers from going any further. And sure there will be other exploits found in the future (I mean, look how long it took already) but I'm sure Sony will stay on top of it all, protecting their system along with their reputation, unlike most other consoles.
madpuppy  +   1910d ago
To me, there is only one reason that cracking the PS3 would be understandable
and that is when the PS4 comes out and it has become a last generation console, I would like to actually get the install other OS feature back so I can use it as a Linux media center/server. but, not right now, not at the expense of what I bought it for right now. I want to play games on it, I have no desire to steal games, If I cannot afford a game I will wait till the price drops or get it used if it is single player.

maybe it is because I work for every dollar I make that I don't have a desire to steal games.
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SlyGuy  +   1909d ago
I actually found the hack interesting
to backup my OWNED ps3 games to my HDD.

I might sound lazy here, but am I the only one who would have enjoyed having most of MY games on my HDD?
madpuppy  +   1909d ago
It may be nice to do that but, if
it puts me in danger of losing PSN and updates I won't be touching it.
SlyGuy  +   1908d ago
Yup agreed.
I wish their was a legit way to do this.
blib  +   1909d ago
Wow, what a gay article! It sounds like the guy is going to start crying.

I don't think about modding until a console is long off the market. I usually pick up emu collectons, obscure, odd games that I know little about, media software so that I can use it with multi format video.

That's about it. I know lots of people mod to get the latest stuff. Doesn't seem neccessary to me, since 9 out of 10 game releases aren't worth my time anyway. What is the point of risking a $300 to $500 machine?

Did that guy really reference a character from Toy Story. 10/10 on the gay meter!
condemmedman  +   1909d ago
"That's funny because I think 360 fanboys are worse. PS3 fanboys have very valid reasons to be loyal to Sony. Sony treat their customers really well and give them heaps of great exclusives. What does Microsoft do? Screw their customers at every possible turn and yet you 360 fanboys still defend them. It's insane!

At least PS3 fanboy drivvle has some truth to it, but most 360 fanboys just spurt out complete and utter lies."

!! ?????? What a crock of shit :-/
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1909d ago
blu ray burners?
Dont have a blu ray burner so I am unsure how it works and what programs are out in the wild.

With most dvd ripping programs there are several files which are filler, but they still take up space on the disc. If you were to try to make an exact copy without a zip/rar type file it would be too large for the disc. Some burning programs allow you to delete those files and just take the main parts/ select episode etc... Is it possible to select and choose which files you would want on blu-ray.

If there is no way to select which files could be copied/removed then Sony could implement huge files that would take up various parts of the disc or just one giant file to help prevent d/l piracy. Even if it was just multiple copy/paste video files or audio files that were included in the main files just not exe types if that makes sense.

Doing something like this could make it troublesome and time consuming for people to download. May not stop people from borrowing, renting, make a direct copy but at least someone would be getting paid when people burn copies. I am sure the dsl/cable companies could red flag someone when they see someone d/l a 20 gb file. Which would most likely result in them getting throttled.
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