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GB writes: "With the release of Starcraft 2 so recently behind us, it seems both brave and foolish to release another RTS game so soon. R.U.S.E however, packs a serious strategic punch and offers a more macro-orientated style of gameplay that sets it apart from the competition. The scope and scale of the strategy, combined with the intricate and open-ended workings of the ruse tactics, make R.U.S.E a solid entry into the RTS canon."

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fooltheman2996d ago

And did the reviewer tried Move?

rdgneoz32995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Probably not. I myself am waiting till I get Move till I get the game. The demo was fun, though I wish it was longer. The full game looks like it'll be fun to play.

"t starts to get really sneaky when you send in decoy tanks and planes made of wood, or set up fake bases so you can divert there defenses to one flank while you assault the other."
/\ Looks like fun.

"CONSOLE USERS BEWARE, the controller set up is horrendous and just doesn’t work. The lack of a cursor saw me cursing constantly as I selected the wrong unit, once again missing the faint highlight that denotes what you will be selecting. If you plan on getting this game, do yourself a favour and get it on PC."
/\ Yep, they didn't get to play with Move.