What's the PlayStation Move game Sony REALLY wants to make?

Sony's resident super-genius Dr. Richard Marks, the hardware design mastermind behind the PlayStation Move, has described the game he'd most like to see gamers playing with his device.

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-Alpha2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I want a Demon's Souls sequel that punishes/rewards players based on Move precision.

It would have Wand-dualing possibilities, exclusive Move battles/attacks, etc.

At the same time I'd hope it to be DS3 compatible, but have enough of a difference to make the Move compatibility make it feel like a new layer of gameplay depth (thus making "move exclusive" gameplay that you just can't do on a DS3)

Imagine also being able to record attack animations to map onto your DS3. Want a big flashy attack? Record it and map it to the X button, but be aware of how much stamina it takes to make the attack.

A series of jabs with a dagger? Record that and map it too, taking into account lunge distance, strength of weapon, etc.

That's my dream Move game.

dredgewalker2783d ago

Yep, I agree with that. I wish they would bring back Robot Alchemic Drive with Move.....that would make me very, very happy.

nix2783d ago

as much as i liked Demon's Souls... i think the game will test your physical ability because the game isn't mere 5 hours long. it goes on for more than 60-70 hours. imagine standing and playing even if it means for 2-3 hours per day.

dredgewalker2783d ago


I thought of that too but if Demon Souls will support the Move it still can be controlled by a regular dual shock and when my arms tire then I'm just gonna switch controllers.

Ravage272783d ago

True 1-1 motion control can only work with light weapons like katanas, daggers or lightsabers.

For heavy weapons like 2-handed swords, the game could force you to swing slower in order to not expend all your stamina.

blackpanther252783d ago

with move support......yes i am still tight over that video conference they showed. Sorcery is excellent but i like the dark feel of the harry potter. I also happen to be a fan of the books

a08andan2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That would be like:


Akagi2783d ago

Yeah, definitely want a Star Wars.

fooltheman2783d ago

To bad, microsoft thought that it would be cool with kinect...
It would be cool, if it wasn't a minigame who didn't deserve the name of such a franchise...

iamnsuperman2783d ago

There probably is one in the works

Barbapapa2783d ago

imagine rolling one with 2 move controllers, sure its going to be tiring.

dredgewalker2783d ago

Monster Hunter with Move.

blackpanther252783d ago

actually work.....i am not a fan of the monster hunter series but i could play that

dredgewalker2783d ago

Monster Hunter isn't for everyone and the controls really take time to get used to. I don't blame people if they don't get into it cause it's tedious work gathering items to make the many weapons and armor, memorizing the different attack patterns of the monsters, learning the proper use of each weapon along with the special abilities. It's a game where it can frustrate the hell out of people who aren't prepared to invest a lot of time and patience. But it can be rewarding seeing the weapons you make taking down monsters a little easier, armor withstanding one-hit kills and hunting together with fellow MH enthusiasts.

Kain812783d ago

use the PS-Move as the whip

AllroundGamer2783d ago

your hand would probably hurt after a while in such a game :)

Kain812783d ago

BTW the Whip tech could be used in an Indiana Johnes game^^

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The story is too old to be commented.