Black Ops 'most difficult' CoD to balance

Black Ops is proving "much more difficult" to balance than any other Call of Duty game, Treyarch has said.

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Wanyal2658d ago

At least Treyarch tried, unlike Infinity Ward.

HSx92657d ago

them saying "it's hard to balance it" just proves that they used the MW2 coding and just rebalanced it.
Who cares, it shall be a good game, I just hope the hit detection isn't bad like in WaW :)

socomnick2657d ago

If its hard to balance then why not have a public beta.

Black ops will suck watch, they should have never let a 2nd rate developer like treyarch make a call of duty tittle.

They need to stick to spiderman games and james bond movie games.

-Alpha2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

It's already balanced enough for me: no stopping power/juggernaut, commando, care packages can be shot down, it's at a 4-5 killstreak level, killstreaks don't accumulate, care packages can be booby trapped, marathon isn't infinite, and I expect noob tube spawn kills to be duds like in WaW, etc.

Good stuff so far, and the game looks ace.

NoPoint2657d ago

Hmm that's funny you played Black Ops? Then how do you know it's balanced?

ddurand12657d ago

I agree. I think theyve done a pretty good job so far. Well have to wait till november to see. It looks like a beta is out of the question.

Maybe a multiplayer demo will come out

-Alpha2657d ago

I'm not saying that it IS balanced, but it's shaping up to be very promising. Treyarch is making a strong effort, the community communication between them and us is solid (go to their forums), etc.

No game is ever perfectly balanced, and I don't expect BO to be. However, that wont stop me from enjoying it.

badz1492657d ago

your earlier comment was like you have played the game but now you say you haven't. how the hell can you honestly say the game "look" balanced? doesn't make sense!

-Alpha2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I never said I "did" play the game, I worded it with the implication. Nor did I say that I didn't play it. My comment was ambiguous. All you have to do is ask me if I played it in order to clear the mistake.

Of course it makes sense to say that it "looks" balanced. I am "looking" at the information, aren't I? How do you know any other game is GOTY? Or looks to be AAA? Or looks to be great? By the previews, information, details, etc. I know what made MW2 a bad game, and the lack of it in BO makes me conclude that the game "looks" balanced. I never said that it is 100% balanced, just that it's looking well on its way.

And notice that I said "looked balanced ENOUGH". I never said it was balanced perfectly, just that my concerns were met with some positive assurance. The game could always have brand new problems, but I don't expect it to be MW2 all over again.

writersblock2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Alright, well in that case, nobody here has played the game
How about we just shut down the comments section, since nobodies played it apparantly that means we cant comment on it

ArmrdChaos2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

All I know is if they once again rely on grenade spam and magic grenades to make things more difficult then they have lost a sale. Hopefully they have put more thought into it this time. Talking about campaign...of course.

seann2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

"no stopping power/juggernaut, commando, care packages can be shot down, it's at a 4-5 killstreak level, killstreaks don't accumulate, care packages can be booby trapped, marathon isn't infinite, and I expect noob tube spawn kills to be duds like in WaW, etc. "

you do know this is what made mw2 fun. Its ashame they removing one man army as well. with those perks gone, I am not sure i am going to buy this game anymore. To me its feels like they going backwards by removing the perks, instead of finding ways to make it more challenging.

I havent played the game, but i have a feeling its not going to be entertaining as mw2. because honestly, it sounds bland and something i been doing since i been playing games. mw2 was a shocker.

I enjoyed those perks. but, majority rules. in an attempt for "balance", i guess they did the right thing.

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multips3fan2657d ago

i hope to god there will not be noobtubes.

ScoobyDrew2657d ago

there are. i heard it from a live stream on the black ops multiplayer reveal night... i'm not worried about the noob tubes though. i'm worried about the player guided missles. i can see BIG problems coming from that

ScoobyDrew2657d ago

the player guided rockets are a 5 kill streak called valkyrie missles. so we're good

xAlmostPro2657d ago

there are noobtubes, but theres no more one man army.. so there wont be an unlimited supply xD

xAlmostPro2657d ago

is it really that hard though?.. i mean you hvae the game play it.. for example pick an smg each.. test it with each perk/attachments(by each player out of 18 using different perks/attachments.. shoot each other in turns and see if it simply kills to fast or if it can easily snipe somebody(ump) lol..

they can test 18 guns at a time more or less lol..

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TheOldOne2658d ago

thats why this game needs a multiplayer beta!!

White-Sharingan2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

It's not like MW2 is balanced, commando, noob tube, and multiple aircrafts on air says hi <---main reasons I stopped playing it

Jerkstore812657d ago

The noob much I loathe thee.

Fanb0y2657d ago

Unless you're the one using it.

Yes, I'm one of 'those' players. It's in the game to use, son.

nintenflo2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

noob tubing should b sorted thanks to the FLACK JACKET PERK ( reduces damage caused by explosions ) :) :)

GiNJAXL2657d ago

Lol... the game isn't even friggen out yet and we can expect, BS the second we turn it on.. awesome.. PRE-ORDER CANCELED!!!

UNLOADEAD2657d ago

Maybe If they made The Rc Car a higher killstreak, it would be more balanced.

DNAbro2657d ago

Well doesn't the rc car have the potential to eliminate camping?

ddurand12657d ago

there are better killstreaks at that level anyway.

goflyakite2657d ago

Actually the way I see it is the people controlling the RCXD's are usually going to find the people out in the open rather than the campers.

(unless they know where the camper is and and have a grudge against him)

I really don't like the RCXD or those controllable missiles, but hey, I haven't played it yet.

badz1492657d ago

you'll always find people running around and do you honestly think that you'll let the running enemies go when you find them just so you can look for campers? I don't think so!

xAlmostPro2657d ago

it can be destroyed, im guessing a simple knife like always or a few shots as its coming at you xD

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