Why Red Dead Redmption 2 would suck

Maxine Eunson from Coregamer: I loved nearly every aspect of Red Dead Redepmtion. Even when it was buggy and just outright silly, I still loved the characters and the storyline, I loved the scenery and I especially loved my horse. Now, there is talk of a new Red Dead Redemption - no-one can say for sure, apart from the drunken services provided who supposedly reported to MCV that he is contracted to work on sequel to Red Dead Redemption, who now denies the allegations.

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comp_ali2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

it won't be RDR 2, it will be Red dead "insert a new name here"

nickjkl2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

yeah but they wont understand that red dead revolvr came first and that this is the sequel

if anything that earlier article saying red dead revolution would be the next game

since we have already gotten out redemption its time to start a revolution

and i better be able to make my own military or else

SeanRL2940d ago

Just as long as we don't have to play as gay-voice, oh wait, I mean Jack.

rockleex2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

The main plot and characters next time around.

There were too many sidetracking main missions in Redemption.

Well that's also how all GTA games are anyways. -_-"

Boody-Bandit2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )


Oh I wanted to slit my throat having to listen to Jack. I wanted to carrying on and complete everything in the game but I couldn't take "Just like you showed me papa", "Shut up yah dang nag". Let's not forget how he looked. Like a freaking caveman. WTF! Why not make him look like John without the scars?

ReservoirDog3162940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I don't think there's gonna be another RDR for several years. Red Dead Revolution is a fake I think. Why?

"It seems the game is just what publisher Take-Two needed. The company has often been labeled as nothing more than a GTA publisher, but Red Dead now gives Take-Two another solid IP to lean on. Mike Hickey of Janco Partners commented that Red Dead is "significantly exceeding our expectations and demonstrating the creative genius layered deeply within the Rockstar studio structure. We believe the franchise can be successfully iterated every several years and offers the Company a new mega franchise."


Notice they said "every several years."

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Lifendz2940d ago

I think Rockstar showed so much with RDR that there's no way it could "suck." At first I thought it would be bad for them to continue the story of RDR. Then I thought that would actually be pretty cool if done right.

R* is one of the best devs out there. They've made as many classics as the best devs out there. Total faith in those guys.

JsonHenry2940d ago

I couldn't stand the game myself. :/

Sub-Zero852940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Red Dead Revenge maybe makes a lil sense !!!

bjornbear2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )


this article completely misses the point. Its R*, they won't make the same game with a different story.

knowing R*, RD*INSERTNAMEHERE* will be:

a) different time frame
b) different scenario
c) different elements

if not, it will never pass R* quality control. The fact that the author assumes these things shows he isn't being very creative when it comes to projecting the future of a game's outcome.

for example, consider Red Dear Oriental - taking a look at the chinese "westerns" which will add a completely new dynamic to the game, and even two countries (USA - CHINA) how cool would that be? more melee combat system and a whole new environment!

just a thought

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theonlylolking2941d ago

Read Dead is what the first game should be called and the second one should be called red dead redemption.

ddurand12940d ago

Red Dead Redemption was a big letdown for me.

I just couldnt get into it for some reason.

RH062940d ago

But then as the story started to drag a bit I lost interest. Online was alright, as long as it was working!

ddurand12940d ago

yeah the online was ok for a little while, it just failed to hold my attention.

glad alot of other ppl enjoy it though

chaosatom2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I thought that it was would miles better than GTAIV, but it just felt more of the same.

The beginning and the last 3 hours were good, but I just didn't get that much enjoyment out of it. The missions could have been a lot more creative.

Maybe I am just immune to GTA games now. I don't find them enjoying all that much, as I use to.

writersblock2940d ago

Marston's son is a fucking pansy. I dont want to keep playing as him

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