Plants Vs Zombies Infest Your XBL Tomorrow

Check out the newly released screenshots

Wednesday, September 8, you get to enjoy Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox 360 through Xbox Live. 1200 MSPoints and this beauty is yours.bucks). HD, controller-optimized experience and two new multiplayer modes: Co-op and Versus.

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kevco332992d ago

Was looking forward to this, but there's too much else to play right now...


yea and its an addictive game too

groverfett2991d ago

Why is every XBLA game 1200 points now? Sure this game is fun, but you can get it as an app for 3 bucks. I know they added new modes and features, so I can see 400 or 800 points. 1200 is way too steep for this game.

SpaceSquirrel2991d ago

800 Points is the sweet spot.