Halo: Reach Noble Team Premium Theme LIVE on the Marketplace Writes: "Today a brand new Halo: Reach premium theme went live on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The new Halo: Reach theme is dedicated specifically to Noble Team."

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Rainstorm812689d ago

This is one on my main gripes with XBL.....Why in the hell cant you preview themes before you buy them? Then they have in bold white letters ...NO REFUNDS.

Can i at least see what im buying......i want this theme but ive been burned before.

N4PS3Fanboys2689d ago

You make a very good point.

Wizziokid2689d ago

it's so MS can rip you off, I mean the themes are too expensive anyway.

KratosGirI2689d ago

I recommend looking up YouTube videos of the themes before buying them. A lot of people tend to do so for PS3 themes.

BXbomber2689d ago

actually some themes u can preview u them right on psn.

midgard2292689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

you get what you pay for.........wait no you dont.

I could get a theme like this on my ps3 for free, I could have it change multiple wallpapers by itself, change the icons, add sounds, change the internet browser cursor, all for free. and yes you can make your own themes

yet u guys pay and cant even get a preview......ack, that and they hiked the price 10 bucks....o well, i still have my old ninja blade theme on mine lol

T9X692689d ago

Ummm no you can't. Under the friends section on the XBL premium themes it completely changes the background stand up behind your friends. Just like PS3 premium themes change the background to be animated, and both systems charge the same price of $3. I've made themes for both my Xbox and PS3, they are not the same as the premium ones.

DelbertGrady2689d ago

The interface would still work like sh*t, so what's the point?

midgard2292689d ago

Oh no i didnt mean like the premium themes, but wait, yes you can, you can make it so the wallpapers change them selves every few seconds, ive done it and have plenty of themes that do that.

only thing we cant make is a dynamic them.....that would be awesome.....except for the guys with porn dynamic themes....that would be odd......

and to Delbert grady

the interface works like crap on psn or xbox? cuz i think both work good. In my opinion the xbox's is a lil confusing at first since it takes like a year to find out how to change your avatar icon but its still not that bad. and PS's is moron proof, just not retard proof. obviously ur music is under music, ur games and demos are under games, photo's under photo's and etc.

next time explain what ur complaining about with ur one bubble

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BeaArthur2689d ago

It's a pretty good theme. I would recommend it. One of the better ones I have downloaded.

p_bateman2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

They should be free to gold subscribers.

kasasensei2689d ago

It will be free to platinum members! :p

gypsygib2689d ago

What about a free Reach theme for Gold members not one that cost almost 4 bucks (in Canada). Epic always releases a couple of free GoW themes before a new release. I'm really getting sick of MS's nickel and dimming.

2689d ago