The Death and Rebirth of 2d Gaming

TotalGamerZone takes a look at the past of 2d gaming and see if it could possibly be making a comeback.

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Nicosia3935d ago

More games like Odin Sphere, HELL YEAh!

Rooftrellen3935d ago

2D has never died in our hearts.

I think all we're really waiting for is a 2D game returning to our TV in a real 2D game, not in a #D game like the Paper Marios.

I'm just not sure it will actually happen, because the real hopes for 2D games are smaller developers who won't be bashed for it (could you imagine if, for instance, DK came back in his 2D form? there would be cries of rage!) or Capcom, who, I believe, has taken Mega Man to the DS to avoid 2D showing up on your TV.

2D won't take over again, but many of the best games of all time couldn't work so well in 3D. Sonic, for instance, hasn't had much luck in 3D, but was great in 2D. There's nothing wrong with a 2D game, since sometimes, you just need to work without depth to make your game great.

midgard2293935d ago

games like odin sphere prove how beautiful 2d hand drawn sprites can be. it can still have fun gameplay and amazing story, Odin sphere is pure proof of that

ChickeyCantor3935d ago

To me 2d still rules.
with the machines of today they could make awsome 2d games with beautifull art.
=/ really miss the time 15 years ago XD

GnaM3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Not the most well written article, but a decent retrospective on the 2D-3D transition. I particularly liked seeing the screenshot from the early N64 beta of FFVII, with Locke, Shadow, and Terra in 3D, which I hadn't seen since the last time I looked at a GamePro, circa 1996.

However, to be honest, 2D is becoming highly over-rated in today's gaming culture. Like CV: Symphony of the Night, or Final Fantasy VI, 2D is one of those "Sacred Cow" phenomena that you aren't allowed to criticize, or else be dog piled by angry, unthinking overly-nostalgic fanboys.

Now, I agree that back in the early days circa PS1 and N64, when 3D games looked and controlled like utter crap, there was a perfectly legitimate and strong argument to retain 2D graphics. However, today 3D graphics have become polished to the point that they can match the look of both photographic film and animation cell. More importantly, the camera and controls have been ironed out to the point that games like Shadow of the Colossus control butter smooth.

As a result, these days even when you want an "animated" look to the game, you're better off using 3D rendering with a "celling shading" filter than actual 2D graphics. Games released today that do use 2D graphics often don't take full advantage of all that the 2D, hand-drawn format has to offer; Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is a shining example of that.

And in the end, you wind up with mediocre games like Odin Sphere which get a ton of hype simply because of the "indie street cred" associated with games that use 2D graphics. Sorry, but style does not equal substance, and just as we've criticized countless times with newfangled 3D games; nice visuals do not make up for poor gameplay.

Oh, and in case you don't accept my criticism of Odin Sphere, just read this and shut up:

midgard2293935d ago

yah, well wonder if u actually played the game. its fine if u dont like it. i hate zelda and others luv it. thats the only website i ever saw say bad things about odin sphere.

odin sphere has an amazing story especially at the end, but it cud get a bit repeptitive since its hack and slash, but they do offer 5 different characters with totally different play styles to mix it up.

not tryina say hey play it. just sayin. heck look at the horrid transition of sonic and mario to 3d, they screwed up bad, 2d games are still great, and some that went 3d got better, some got worse. Ninja gaiden is way better 3d, but metroid got destroyed IMO in 3d.

cooke153935d ago

Are you saying Mario sucks in 3d? Mario 64 was one of the best games ever and Super Mario Galaxy looks to do the same.

ChickeyCantor3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

" but Metroid got destroyed IMO in 3d."
did you play it?
i got my self a copy and finished the game....and i loved super Metroid 3 and Metroid prime 1 isn't any different...only the 3d perspective.

you played it and beaten super Metroid : Metroid prime you realize it never changed @ all.

so it didn't got destroyed i'm really wondering if you even played the game.

and i think almost the whole gaming community will disagree when you say mario 64 failed.

i would take sprites over 3d any day, but thats me.
its still a personal preference but i do think that 2d games are faster to hold on too.
3d games could get big and @ some point boring as hell specially if they keep the environment looking like each other.

GnaM3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Yes I played Odin Sphere, I'm the one who wrote the review I linked, and many people have told me that they agree with it; Odin Sphere is not as universally loved as it seems. Furthermore, if you look at reviews from mainstream publications like IGN and 1up...hell even non-game magazines like Otaku USA, they score the game below an 8.0. Yeah, the graphics and story were alright, but the gameplay was just crappy button mashing and stat-farming. There are much better RPG's out there.

And I agree that Mario, Sonic, and many other franchises went to hell when they went 3D, but I think that's more because the developers stopped pursuing the gameplay that made them great; for example in 3D Mario games, rather than focusing on surviving the level and getting to the end of the game, you're send on token-hunting fetch quests where enemies are almost never a threat. The same could be said of 3D Zelda games. If developers maintained the same eye for solid gameplay that they had in the 2D days, you would not see such crappy 3D games - it's not a problem with the 3D, it's a problem with level, scenario, and enemy design.

Related links:

I guess my overall point is, rather than looking back and celebrating the classics simply because they were 2D, we should be celebrating them because their gameplay was well designed.

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