Keeping Sports Fresh -

BeefJack: "It takes a lot to except the inevitability involved with being a sports game fan, but if there’s one thing the genre could do with, it’s a touch more originality..."

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FuturePerfect2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

"Keeping Women Fresh -"

nevin12995d ago

There simply not good this gen.

Madden- the last good one was 2004 but Madden this gen has been weak. And now there is no turbo button and u can only use left stick move.

NBA- They really need to fixed the physic/animation that ruins 3D basketball game( NFL too).

MLB The Show- The gameplay formula stil good but the gameplay hasn't change since 2006 for PS2. The player models look good but every thing else doesn't stand out. Im glad i only paid $30 for the show 10.

NHL- personally i dont like dual stick controls and therefore NHL 2000-2002 are better. No offense to hockey but u know sports games aren't good when hockey games won sports game of the yr.

DufferO82995d ago

although i agree i think FIFA has always been up to standard