Gamersmint Review : R.U.S.E – A innovative new RTS

Gamersmint : If you are an RTS fan, then you probably have your calendar booked for the next couple of years, courtesy of Starcraft II’s release. R.U.S.E might have slipped under the radar for most people (including me), thanks to Ubisoft’s nonexistent promotion. (Hell, I didn’t even know the game was releasing this month till I was asked to review it). Eugen Systems, the minds behind the critically acclaimed Act of War aims to reinvent the genre with the introduction of a Ruse system that encourages players to think differently and employ deceptive skills to win over the opponent.

The concept isn’t new but an entire game built around it is. Is it worthy of a break from Starcraft II or are we the ones being deceived?

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Karooo2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

PS move will be great with this game i think

cyborg2964d ago

it would be interesting to see how they incoporate it with a game like this. If we get a good RTS for the ps3 coz of this, I won't mind buying the PS move solely to play this on

JakemanPS319942964d ago

i herd it works really good with it. now gamer gave the PSMove version a 8.4 while giveing the 360 one a 8.1

prongs1232964d ago

Great review man, this year seems quite an interesting build up for strategy games.