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NowGamer reviews R.U.S.E. on Xbox 360 - "June, 1945. It’s the dying days of the Second World War and the tiny skirmishes that are breaking out are mere echoes of the larger conflict. Nazi forces are coming in from the north towards your position in a desperate counterattack, sending a tank regiment and two sets of infantry through the narrow opening that cuts through woodland. You smile, elated, at the tactical blunder, and watch, not more than ten feet away, as your troops, hidden in the treeline and bolstered by the ‘Fanaticism’ and ‘Terror’ RUSE cards, providing time and situation-dependent special abilities, open fire on the convoy, destroying it in seconds. You pull back on the analogue stick, travelling up through the skies and out into the tabletop view where your units are little more than poker chips on a board. A voice coldly offers its congratulations. We offer ours to Eugen Systems, for providing one of the most involving RTS experiences on any console."

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The Meerkat2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Its a shame that this genre has been allowed to stagnate on the 360 because of MS and their stubbornness over mouse support.

jneul2994d ago

the ps3 version got 8.4/10 for having better controls because of the move, lol

jneul2994d ago

disagree all you want it does not change the facts

Letros2994d ago

I guess that means the PC version will get around 9/10 for having better controls because of M/KB.

Motorola2994d ago

yeah it will. Cant really complain, KB/M are a nice combo

Cyrax_872994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Couldn't agree more. RTS and fighters, though at least with fighters, you don't have to put up with the 360s d-pad because fight sticks are available.

2994d ago
btk2994d ago

"And R.U.S.E. would be exactly the same, if it wasn’t for Sony’s shiny, new Move controller. Players with a traditional controller may well become frustrated by the stickiness of the controls or lack of speed, yet with the motion controller everything becomes as simple as pointing
at the screen. [..] Players with Move, however, will automatically own the better version of the game, with the motion control becoming intuitive almost instantly."

And so it begins. Move and Kinect is not even out yet - and the first signs of a disturbance in the force is already here. Kinect 0 Move 1