5 games that should be ported to the Wii

Porting was once regarded as a lazy way to make money on other gaming mediums, and the lack of care associated with such a process often resulted in an ordinary experience. These days it’s not as common to have ‘direct ports’, but there are some classic games that we reckon are a perfect fit for the Wii. With the Wii’s control style and multiplayer capabilities, there is definitely room for some exceptions! We’ve come up with the following games.

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TheDarkGuyv3r3025d ago

Point Black would work perfectly on the Wii.

Gaetano3025d ago

Point break. Hell yes!

tom0473025d ago

lol. point break and point black, when the game is point blank haha :P

i reckon tekken would be alright on the wii..

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