Impressive Gran Turismo 5 Lamborghini Gallardo Damage Footage

A new video demonstrates the Gran Turismo 5 damage model on a Lamborghini Gallardo.

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BornToKill2968d ago

that's better than expected.

T9X692968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I said the same thing in the article of the screenshots, but this video changes my opinion completely. He slammed into the wall at 80+ MPH about 4 or 5 times before he even got a loose bumper, and then about 10 more times at 80-100MPH before any real damage was shown. I just went from impressed, to completely disappointed.

The way I see it is, if you're going to implement damage into a racing simulator, we as gamers can understand the actual cosmetic damage isn't going to be anywhere close to 100% realistic. At the same time, at least make the damage happen like it would in real life, if you hit a wall at 80MPH, or even 50MPH, make shit go flying, or crumple the hood or something. Don't make it where you have to hit something 5-10 times at high speeds just to even see the damage. Most people that play GT are actually going to race and not try to damage the car, but accidents do happen, so when they do make it somewhat realistic by factoring in the speed of the collision.

@Hydrolex - Read my edit, its not about "real damage" its about what it takes to see the damage in GT. Forza has some shitty damage, but if you hit a wall at 80MPH ONE time, you're pretty much screwed if you have the damage on simulation and not just cosmetic.

@BornToKill - Shut the hell up dude, I see your post all the time that are the most obvious troll comments on this site. You're comments consist of "(Insert Game Name Here) SUCKS!" with no reasoning behind your opinion. I on the other hand, give reasons explaining my opinion. If I was going to troll, I was have just said "Wtf you talking about, this damage is horrible".

Hydrolex2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It's the car companies that don't allow devs to put real damage

Whoooooooooooo caressssss man ? you talk like you only buying the game to damage your cars... there are tons of cars with beautiful graphics, why don't you look at those ?

BornToKill2968d ago

T9X69 you're not fooling anyone.

obvious troll is obvious.

LordStig2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Bro you don't go into a race with the intention of smashing your car up beyond repair, this isnt demolition derby.

What does it say on the game? Gran Turismo 5 the REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR you understand those three words?

Hydrolex2968d ago

go play GTA4 if you want to damage cars

GT series were always about real racing cars with ultimate graphics, you know how long it's gonna take to put real damage to all the cars in the game ?

I believe there are over 900 cars in the game

120FPS2968d ago

Dude you know the rules, anything negative against the "holy grail" will result in bubble raping, disagrees and name calling such as troll or xbot..

TheBest2968d ago

Did it ever occur to you that the level of visual/mechanical damage users will experience will be adjustable by the user?

Nah, too logical for you ey?

thor2968d ago

You're an idiot. The car companies HAVE allowed real damage! What are you smoking? NOTHING would stop the cars from showing the same amount of damage after 1 crash rather than 10...

bujasem_892968d ago

i think that he had the damage on the middle level, if you listen carefully he asks his friend if he put it on automatic, now that could just mean he's not driving a stick . but im pretty sure that there is a light damage mode, so who knows if that was it .

honest opinions are good , and people this guy does not deserve to be bubble raped just for stating something that was sorta obvious .

so bubbles up from me :)

N4BmpS2968d ago

I really don't think this is going to win GOTY, realistically speaking. Even though it's a quality racing game but how many racing titles have won overall GOTY?... I can't tell you, this will probably win a lot of technical and Sound awards but not to sure about game of the year. And that's not a bad thing if it doesn't.

Christopher2968d ago

***He slammed into the wall at 80+ MPH about 4 or 5 times before he even got a loose bumper, and then about 10 more times at 80-100MPH before any real damage was shown***

While I don't necessarily disagree about the level of damage taken from his first hit done at over 100 MPH, there was damage shown with each hit. It was slight and incremental, though.

Also, in only two of the crashes did he slam into anything, the rest were side swipes at best.

I'm not sure if there's a setting for increasing damage or not, but it looks like GT5's damage is mostly cosmetic and isn't intended to prevent someone from generally finishing the race by destroying their car.

spunnups2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

In Polyphony's defense, and I think for those who are also car enthusiasts, the game is way more about acknowledging the beauty of these unique cars more so than it is about destroying them. The damage shown is going to be minimal im sure, do u really want realism to the point where one crash takes you out of a race? It's a game for a reason, not everyone is an F1 driver and can avoid walls at all costs.

I think some damage is better than too much damage. The damage shown is fine IMO, if u want to destroy cars completely go play Burnout Paradise or Destruction Derby on the PS1. This is GT5, it's a different ballgame.

BornToKill2968d ago

"You're comments consist of "(Insert Game Name Here) SUCKS!" sure...

your comments are a bunch of nonsense that you think is true... and are completely biased.

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bustamove2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I guess the people hating on this game ran away the minute they saw this video, lol.

I have confidence that this game is going to be badass either way.

TrevorPhillips2968d ago

This game isn't that good......KIDDING!

GT5 = Best Racing Game Ever :D

DelbertGrady2968d ago

With breakdance physics, cardboard cut-out scenery, no sense of speed, invisible walls, and damage modelling that resembles the warp tool effect in photoshop nothing can stop it.

Nah, I'm just kidding. It has 3D and dashboards. Well, for some of the cars at least. 1 million Civics = GOTY. FACT!

LordStig2968d ago

i'm getting a little tired of seeing these vids of damaged cars or people trying to damage the car. I want to see someone actually attempt to get around a track because seriously if this is the level of skill i'll be facing against, that mercedes is mine :P

kasasensei2968d ago

Impressive, that's the word.
But i am tired too of these dumbs videos when people drive into walls like maniacs. Gran Turismo is not the real crashing simulator. XD

N4BmpS2968d ago

Wasn't there a crash Test dummy game? Or am I thinking of Stuntman? was there a such thing as Stuntman?

Marquis_de_Sade2968d ago

I'm tired of comments like yours stating damage isn't a part of racing, a quick look at the average F1 or Nascar race tells otherwise. Damage also gives a penalty to the drivers that like to use other cars as stopping barriers around corners.

thor2968d ago

Crashing is a big part of racing.

I hate how people keep coming up with this "GT is about driving not crashing." I challenge you to play through the entire of GT5 without hitting a single wall... a professional driver couldn't do it. Even when you play an entire race and nobody hits the wall, crashing is still a big part because you have AVOIDED it. It's added to the experience because you know what would have happened had you crashed. In very wet conditions most drivers will be much more cautious because they want to avoid crashing... without damage, you can just floor it and play bumper cars with the wall. This would still be effective even with time penalties!

kasasensei2968d ago

Easy people, i did not say that! Just that, like in every racing game, i will try to drive well and not running into wall to see every torned pixel or glitch or anything... :p
You do not know how much i am satisfied by the fact taht gt5 will now include damage, tires marks, real online, a career mode, some wrc and nascar cars, cokpit view, track editor, karts.... and the dozens others new features for the franchise.... So keep it cool, i am not bashing the game! I just tired of the 3 daily crashing videos. Right? Love :D

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EmperorDalek2968d ago

...where was the damage? I have never seen a car hold up that well to a front on collision.

I'm looking forward to some official videos that show it off.

LeonSKennedy4Life2968d ago

That's true.

It's still great to have real-time damage though.

thewhoopimen2968d ago

I think you're video pretty much demonstrates why GT5 doesn't do 100% accurate collisions. Aren't those test impacts pretty much at 40mph-60mph? Now imagine that being implemented... Most people wouldn't even get past the first loop around the track.

CptFlashHeart2968d ago

There's going to be no difference between "official" damge videos and these as they are the game engine.

And it sucks.

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