411mania: Mafia II Review

411mania: Mafia II puts you in the shoes of Vito Scaletta, an immigrant from the old country who is just trying to get by in Empire Bay (the game equivalent of New York). The opening cut scene shows Vito and his family arriving on the boat, and shows different parts of Vito's young life before cutting to Vito, and his best friend Joe Barbaro getting caught lifting some goods. Well Vito get's caught, Joe gets away. With this portion of the game taking place during WWII time, Vito is offered to go to war instead of prison; an offer which he accepts.

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Some slowdown during game play, and some cut scenes are a bit choppy."

Exclusively on hardware marketed as next gen. Runs great even on 4 year old PC hardware.


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Do us all a favour and get the f*** off N4G, trolling bastard.

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