Deus Ex: Human Revolution PAX demo videos

Here is some Deus Ex footage as shown at PAX in Washington this past weekend.

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CaliGamer2933d ago

From what I have seen of this game, it looks very promising. One to watch.

bjornbear2933d ago

aren't they meant to be professional?!

anyway - the game is shaping up to me amazing =D more like the first! hope its as open as the first too...

goldensfree2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

naw their about the same as hgg tho at least he's getting better while they just keep hemorrhaging users.

Given their gaffs its pretty obvious they are dealing with a limited budget after the mass boycott of their site. The 'reporter' and quality of the vid says it all. imo

game looks great (tho hard 2 see here) no doubt a sp fps of epic proportions. I dont think they've confirmed or denied online yet but if they do it right it would be a very cool bonus.

Darkfiber2933d ago

Man that chick's voice is annoying as shit. Game does look cool though.

Mista T2933d ago

whys it do damn dark, the vid is good quality too.

gosh, its always one or the other...........

JohnApocalypse2933d ago

You will most likely be able to turn the brightness up

tdrules2933d ago

aww not enough bloom for you?