GT5 Demo Also Playable at Target Stores

The playable Gran Turismo 5 demo that first appeared in Best Buy has now begun to appear at Target stores, according to early reports from GTPlanet readers Ryan of Denver, Colorado and Stefan of Brooklyn, New York. Check out their pictures and take a look at a few more videos from Jeramy back in Oregon.

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SasanovaS19872996d ago

wow....its like driving reality for a spin around town....its scary good

yewles12996d ago

It's also available at Fry's.

JakemanPS319942996d ago

why is this guy filming another guy driving recklessly around in a prairie?/s haha it really looks that good i might get it but i dont know im not much of a driving simulater person. should i get it the only game im getting thiss november is black ops and lbp 2

t0mmyb0y2996d ago

I hope that wasnt their 'Rally' part of the game. I want some Richard Burns Rally / Xpand Rally